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guest blog: camping on the river

Our annual family camping trip was this past weekend and, as usual, memories were made. The nine of us including our kids and the boyfriends, floated the raging Yakima River, engaged in riveting campfire conversation and just about had the whole lot of our tents blown into the river by the non-stop Ellensburg wind.  Such is camping. You never really know if you’re going to get rained out, blown out, bug-bitten out, or campfire-smoked out. It’s funny how we leave our tidy homes, cozy beds and convenient kitchens to live in the woods for a few days like we’re wild people.  Cooking over fire, sleeping on the ground, getting filthy from the dirt and grime you can’t avoid in nature, all the while, longing for a real shower.   And yet, we keep going back for more.  Why? These are the trips that are talked about over and over again.  Every camping excursion seems to have a collection of incidents that are specific to that place and time. The oh-yeah-that-was-the-trip-when stories, and those you-had-to-be-there stories that no one else is even mildly interested in, but laughs or listens anyway to be polite.  This trip, a few of those memorable moments were: 

  • we camped on the corner of I-5 and I-405
  • we had a rough encounter on the banks of the river
  • we were introduced to a man named “Fire”

  See? None of these make any sense to you, but each of us will smile when we read them. I can’t wait until next year! (Sorry, no pictures – Derek is busy this week too!)

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