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I have a very exciting announcement. This weekend, the man of my dreams proposed! Yes, that’s right, after 8+ years we are engaged.

Here is how it went down. Derek and I were in Alaska last week and one night we stayed at the Alyeska Resort. It’s a beautiful property and we were very excited to be staying there. Unfortunately, I had a cold, but I was doing my best to ignore it. As we were getting ready for dinner, I started noticing that Derek was acting a little strange. I couldn’t pin-point it at the time, but he was really anxious. All the sudden, it just popped into my head. Omg, he’s going to propose. My realization was then followed by 20 minutes of inner-conflict. Don’t be ridiculous. He’s not going to propose.  Don’t be that girl. You are going to get your hopes up and then be really disappointed when it doesn’t happen. And you’ll ruin a lovely evening. Just stop Kindra. And so, I successfully pushed the thought out of my head.

The Alyeska Resort is a ski resort and the restaurant (called Seven Glaciers) is located on top of the mountain. To reach the restaurant, you take a gondola from the hotel up the mountain. The setting is absolutely beautiful – you can see seven glaciers from the top! It’s very romantic. We had a wonderful dinner. Delicious. I ordered the tasting menu, which was really fun! Derek ordered the King Crab legs (which he barely touched – very uncharacteristic). In retrospect, I should have clued in at this point, but like I said, I had pushed it completely out of my mind.

After dinner was completed, he finally worked up the nerve. Time went very slowly for a few minutes. He set the ring on the table, teared-up and asked me to marry him. Short, sweet, sincere. Perfect.


every cloud has a silver lining.

I read this post today, and I couldn’t help but get emotional. My parents divorced when I was young and it was hard – really hard. Despite their constant attempts and great parenting, it was still hard. I was sad and embarrassed. I missed my dad. I longed to be “normal”.

However, like all things, time heals. It didn’t take long for me to grow up and realize that my parents were not in love and weren’t meant for each other.  Several years later, they met my future step-parents – whom I absolutely adore. I had the pleasure of attending both my parents’ weddings; they were each very different, but equally as amazing. I’m so thrilled that my parents are happy and have found love.

I am SO lucky to have such wonderful parents and step-parents. I know that most people aren’t as fortunate as I am. Every cloud really DOES have a silver lining! Thank you Abby-Normal for sharing your story!

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