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As most of you already know, I’m pretty anxious to have kids. I’m super excited to be a mom, and enjoy all the wonderful things that go along with it. However, this week, I’m happy not to be a mom. Because moms can’t go to Mexico for a long weekend…on a whim. They can’t stay up late drinking and dancing and laughing and then spend the morning recovering in the sun! I. Love. Mexico.  I just wish I could have stayed longer.


i’m back.

The good news is that we had an AMAZING trip to Thailand. The bad news is we are still on Thailand time.

We returned home on Saturday afternoon and went to bed that night. After a good night sleep, we woke up at 5. A tad early, but overall pretty good. We were proud of ourselves – getting back on PST would be easier than we thought. As we were getting ready to start the day, Derek looked at his phone and had several missed calls. Weird. Who would be calling us throughout the night? I hope there isn’t an emergency. And then we realized.  No, it couldn’t be. Someone is playing a trick on us! It was 5pm on Sunday. We slept through the entire day – we completely missed Sunday. It was dark when we went to bed and dark when we got up. How is that possible?! While the rest of the world was Christmas shopping, going to church, watching football and grocery shopping…we were sleeping. It is such a weird feeling to have slept an entire day not waking up once. It boggles my mind. Needless to say we haven’t conquered the jet lag yet.

I will give details about our trip tomorrow. There is so much to tell, I’m not sure where to start!


cruisin’ together.

Photos from our trip!











Jimmy Buffett said it best.

Oooh, mexico
It sounds so sweet
With the sun sinkin low
The moons so bright
Likes to light up the night
Make everything alright.

Although I don’t have any photos (at this moment) to prove it, we had a wonderful vacation last week in Punta Mita! Mexico never fails to impress me. I love the weather. I love the food. I love the scenery. I love the people. I love the lifestyle.

This Punta Mita trip was a different experience for me because we traveled with friends. Derek and I usually travel just the two of us. I have never done the whole week-long-vacationing-with-other-couples thing before. It feels very grown up. It was a lot of fun to share Punta Mita with our friends. Although, I have to admit, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure that everyone was having a good time. I think it’s because we had traveled there before and we arranged all the details. I know it sounds ridiculous but I felt responsible for everyone’s vacation and while it was completely self-inflicted, it nonetheless nagged at me a little.

All in all, I think the trip was a huge success and everyone had a great time. I know I did. Honestly, some of the stories from this trip will last a lifetime – SO FUNNY. It’s so hard for me to get back into the swing of “normal life”. I felt silly wearing heels today -and was suffocated by all my clothes! I miss the sun and warmth. The swimsuits and sundresses. I miss the warm nights -being able to sit on the balcony late at night sipping on a drink and not being freezing. Sigh…it was a great vacation! Oh…Mexico!

Stay tuned for photos.



I’m headed off to a much needed vacation – I’ll try to blog a couple times while I’m there!


two is better than one.

As you know, fall, winter and spring in Seattle can be a bit soggy and gray. For some reason, I seem to be particularly sensitive to the gloom. Luckily, I know this about myself and every year I try to combat the weather with a sunny vacation to warm up and dry off. This year, I’m going to Mexico AND the Caribbean. TWO VACATIONS!  I’m so happy to have two trips to look forward to. If you haven’t already booked your “save yourself from Seattle” getaway – I suggest you do it now!


post-vacation blues

The posts were scarce last week – I know. Mentally it has been a rough week. I have a horrible case of the post vacation blues. Without a doubt, it’s the worst case I’ve ever had.

I’m sure you can relate. Our recent trip to Mexico was a serious eye opener for me. I don’t care what anyone says, Mexicans do not live a sub-par life. In fact, I’d say their quality of life is better than ours. They’ve got it good. They focus their attention on important things like family, friends and food!

This last week I’ve been totally distracted. I haven’t gone to the gym all week – I just can’t bring myself to go. My apartment is a disaster zone – the dishes are piling up. I’ve been eating horribly because the grocery store just seems ridiculous. My job is boring me because it seems trivial. And to top it all off, I’m sporting a bad attitude.

In general – I’ve lost my focus. No matter how hard I try, my thoughts drift back to Punta Mita. My body physically aches for the warm breeze and hot sun. I can practically taste the fresh seafood and tart margaritas. Most of all, I miss the simplistic life that Mexico represents. It’s a place where work wasn’t a primary focus of my life (monopolizing 9 hours of each day). It’s a place where I was able to be an attentive girl friend. A place where I could read to my heart’s content. A place without the stress of my daily life. I know those of you who know me are rolling your eyes right now and are thinking “Kindra, you bring unnecessary stress and anxiety on yourself. “ I know. But I can’t help it. Punta Mita helped me to escape all of that.

Soon, it’ll be just another vacation. My tan will fade. The sand-flea bites will disappear. And my body will forget the warmth of Mexico and will stop recoiling at the damp Seattle weather. At this point, I’m hoping it happens sooner than later. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this horrible case of post-vacation blues. Here’s to a new week.

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