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I have not posted in SO long, I feel so guilty. And there is simply no excuse. I don’t even know where to begin. Here we go…

  • Only 10 weeks left of being pregnant. I’m getting pretty big and sleep is starting to become a challenge. Overall, the pregnancy has been a breeze. I feel SO lucky! One small blip (at least I’m hoping it’s small), is that my white blood cell count has been elevated for the past month or so. Usually, a high WBC count would indicate some kind of infection, but I feel fine and have no signs of infection. It’s got the doctors stumped and me a little worried. They are sending my results to a hematologist this week to see if they have any useful insights.  
  • We had Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year. It was delicious and tons of fun. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving.
  •  This week is my golden birthday; I turn 30 on the 30th. I decided I’m going to have a much bigger celebration next year for my 31st, since the pregnancy has really put a damper on my drinking.
  • The nursery is coming along nicely. I’ve never put so much thought and effort into decorating a room. But it’s worth it – it’s looking great!  I want her to feel welcomed and have a nice space. Plus, it gives me something to focus on rather than freaking out about the upcoming delivery incessantly.
  • We bought a car – finally! As some of you know, neither of us had “kid friendly” vehicles. I drove a 2 door Honda (not ideal for schlepping a car seat in and out) and Derek drove a 2 door Toyota Tacoma truck.  After a long and thorough search, we ended up with the perfect vehicle for us! Now we just need to sell Derek’s truck!
  • Recently someone asked me if I was going to stay home with my baby. When I said that the baby would be going into daycare after 6 months, this person proceeded to tell me what a bad idea it was because I’m going to miss so much. Gee, I never thought of that. Thanks. I’ll just crawl into a hole and cry myself to sleep.
  •  We started Wednesday Night Dinners a few weeks ago, and it’s been awesome! I LOVE eating. 🙂


I can’t believe it’s been 20 days since I’ve posted. OMG! Where does the time go?! You’d think that with all the time that’s passed, I’d have something really cool to say. But, for some reason I don’t. Looking at my calendar, here’s what I’ve been up to…

–          I went to a wedding.

–          I went to Alaska for a week.

–          I went to a graduation party.

–          I had dinner/drinks with friends 5 times.

–          I went to a Mariner’s game.

I think that’s about it. Hope everyone is doing well!


updates and observations.

Wow – I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted. Here we go…

  • Since I last posted I’ve traveled to Scottsdale, AZ and Anchorage, AK. Let’s start with Scottsdale. Every year big mama, Stan and I head to Scottsdale for some much needed quality time, girl-talk and sun. I lived with these two amazing women for many, many years and I miss our love triangle (no – we aren’t incestuous lesbians you sickos). The beauty of the trip is that we’ve been to Scottsdale so many times now that the only must-see attraction is the pool and a restaurant called Cowboy Ciao.  As always, we had a wonderful time sun bathing, shopping, eating, and talking about stuff that only we care about. LOVE IT!
  • Earlier this week I was in Anchorage for work/meetings. Really nothing exciting to report here except that I had the worst pedicure of my life and actually made the lady stop before she finished. She was freakin me out – big time.
  • Derek and I tried a new sushi joint in Madison Park last night – Nishino. Delish!
  • I don’t understand the phrase “I’m never going to get that time back”. When have you EVER gotten ANY time back?
  • Just finished reading two books: Under the Banner of Heaven and Little Bee. Neither was very good – I don’t recommend them.
  • We had a serious scare with my grandpa over the weekend that involved loss of speech and leg movement. We were EXTREMELY upset and nervous, but he seems to be doing much better. He’s home from the hospital. <<Insert huge sigh of relief here>> JD, if you are reading – we love you!
  • Tonight I worked really late. When I got home and stepped out of my car, I thought to myself “Yum, someone is having a good dinner”. It smelled so good. And then I walked into my apartment and realized that person was ME! Thanks Derek.

Well, I think that about does it. Time for bed.



1)    It’s been several weeks since Derek and I have cooked together. Tonight we joined forces to make dinner – and it sure was fun. The most notable part of the meal was Derek’s cauliflower mashers (instead of mashed potatoes). They were really good!  Different – but good. We both decided we’d be making these again so we can perfect them.

2)    We went to Trader Joe’s today to grocery shop – and MAN I forgot what a great place it is to buy wine. HELLO?! We stocked up. 6 bottles.

3)    The other day, Derek brought home the book Columbine by Dave Cullen. He’s been on the library waiting list for 4 months to get the book. This morning I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down. I read 100 pages earlier and as soon as I’m done with this post I’m going to hit it again. It’s a different angle of the story, different from what I’ve heard before. And I’m really enjoying Cullen’s writing.  READ IT.

4)    Even though I think it’s completely superfluous I really love our subscription to Sirius radio.

5)    Saturday we went to the jeweler to look at ring settings (my diamond is currently in a temporary setting). At first I was really overwhelmed with all the options, but then I settled down and it was really fun! I found a few settings that I liked, but I think we’re going to design our own setting because I want to make a few modifications.


updates are in order.

Updates updates updates.  I am so sorry for being so blogsent – here are some much needed updates.

1)    Cruise – Two weeks ago we went on a cruise with my mom, stepdad, sister, Derek and three stepsiblings. We had a great time!! We were on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise that stopped in Ocho Rios Jamaica, Cozumel Mexico and Grand Cayman. We were onboard the brand new Ruby Princess and she’s a beaut.  For me, the highlight of the trip was swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel – it was so much fun! I’ll post a few photos of our trip later this week.

2)    Derek- After months of hard work and a few sleepless nights, Derek presented his final project. He’s DONE WITH SCHOOL!! Yes, that’s right. He’s now the proud owner of a Bachelor’s Degree of Landscape Architecture. It’s such an amazing accomplishment; I’m so proud of him.

3)    The Surprise – To celebrate Derek’s big accomplishment, I took him out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and gave him his graduation present. It was a Thai travel book with two plane tickets to Bangkok slipped into it!! Yep, we are going to go to Thailand and I actually pulled off a good surprise. He was shocked and we are both CRAZY excited. I’m pretty sure I secured the “girlfriend of the year” award with this one. If you have any Thailand tips, please send them my way!

4)    Sick – I think I’ve finally recovered from the sickness. Thank goodness!

5)    First Communion – The triplets had their first communion this weekend. They were so freaking cute – I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw them. They are growing up so fast; it makes me feel old, old, old.

6)    John Adams – This weekend I finished watching the HBO mini-series: John Adams. I loved it and highly recommend it. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney were so amazing.

7)     Random question – Do people think in a specific language? For example, are your thoughts in English? Do Hispanics think in Spanish? Do thoughts have a language? Derek and I have been discussing this tonight – and I was just wondering if anyone has anything interesting to say on the subject.

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