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annoying mental list

I’m a list girl. I always have been -always will be. I create written lists, typed lists, mental lists, verbal lists, color-coded lists…you name it…I’ve listed it.  I enjoy the act of writing a strong, actionable list (I find it therapeutic). I also fiercely enjoy crossing items off my list. Nothing feels better than getting “stuff” accomplished.

That being said, I’ve been running around for the past several days with an annoying mental list in my head. You know the kind? It’s pestering me like a like a bee buzzing in my ear or an eye twitch. Like homework that I’ve ignored for too long, and now I’m going to have to pull an all nighter to complete. These are chores that need to be done. I’m thinking if I get my list out of my head and put it down on paper/internet I’ll feel better. Here it goes…

  • Renew Passport – Take photo; develop photo; fill out form; write check; gather the necessary docs; mail package.
  • Send in Ticket – Fill out ticket; send it in; wait for court date. I’ll have to post more details about this one, but not now because I’m still too fired up.
  • Figure out Joint Account – Call Wamu to setup a joint account for me and Derek.
  • Get Nails Done – Fill and color change.
  • Go to Costco – Return a few items, buy Chex cereal.
  • Shoe Repair – Take 4 pairs of heels in to the shoe shop to get them repaired.
  • Crown – Go to the dentist for the first of two appointments to get my crown. Fun.
  • Car – Take my car in. Several months ago I took it in and there was a laundry list of problems. I should probably start working my way through it.

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