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a few of my favorite things

This weekend has been one of the best in awhile – here are a few of the highlights.

The Sun Came Out – Just when I was ready to lose all hope – the sun came out in full force.  It was wonderful and made my weekend.

Cooking for Friends – Sara and Nate came over for dinner on Friday night. This was our first “double date” with them and I’d say it was a success. While I think it’s invaluable for couples to each have their own friends, I also think it’s important to have “couple” friends. Other couples who you have good chemistry with and enjoy being around. The evening consisted of tons of food, several rounds of drinks and many, many stories.

Saturday Morning Laziness – Derek and laid around Saturday morning and basked in the glory of not having any immediate plans. In a world where everyone is overbooked – no plans is a luxury.  We decided breakfast was definitely in order and we invited Derek’s brother Gabe over to join us. Eggs, hash browns and bacon – delish.

Coffee in the Park – After breakfast, the three of us set out to the top of Queen Anne for a coffee at Peet’s and then Derek took us to Marshall Park. I had never been there – it was gorgeous. What a great day to sit out at the park!

Reading in the Sun – On Saturday afternoon when I opened my book, I was 17 pages into it. Now, I’m finished. I sat out on my balcony and read-away most of the weekend. To some of you, this might seem like a waste – but to me, it was perfect. I was reading Atonement by Ian McEwean. I liked it. I didn’t LOVE it, but I liked it.

All in all, I’d say this has been a pretty fantastic weekend. I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the sun.


punta mita

Last night we arrived in beautiful Punta Mita – Mexico. Punta Mita is a small, sleepy village nestled 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and 20 minutes south of Sayulita. When we arrived at the airport, we picked up our rental car and headed to “Mega Foods” to stock up on supplies for the week. We were incredibly anxious to arrive at our final destination and when we finally pulled in… we were so impressed. It was more spectacular than we could have ever imagined.

We are staying at Derek’s dad’s brand new condo and it is stunning. It’s hard to even describe how amazing it is – my words aren’t quite doing it justice. Not only is the condo luxurious, but the small town is charming and offers a glimpse into daily life in the region.

After arriving and checking out the condo, we realized we were famished. We wandered down the beach about two blocks and found a small outside restaurant called Margaritas. There was live music, a floor of sand and good drinks –perfect. We had a delicious dinner which consisted of: warm salty chips, salsa verde, pico de gallo, seafood soup, fish tacos and jumbo shrimp – yummers! After dinner we grabbed a couple beers and dipped our feet in the pool admiring the stars which seem to shine just a little bit brighter here. We fell asleep last night to the sound of waves crashing against the beach and dreaming about the amazing week ahead of us.

Today we stayed busy, but in a good way. We woke up and immediately headed outdoors for some much needed sun. I sunned by the pool and read, while Derek took photos with his new digital SLR (after 6 six years of talking about this camera, he finally caved and bought one). We swam, we relaxed, and we took a long walk on the beach. By about 4pm, we were both ready to get out of the sun, so we drove into PV and picked up a few more supplies (most importantly an ice tray). We arrived back at the condo and walked into town to enjoy 50cent tacos at a local house (8 tacos for $4)! They were delicious, although I think we are both a little nervous we might catch a bad case of the screamers (I’ll keep you posted on that one). After dinner we went back to Margaritas for 2 beers and a quart of pico de gallo. It is SO yummy and such a great deal – only 50cents for a quart of the best pico de gallo I’ve ever had.

All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty fantastic day. I’m sun-kissed and ready for bed; tomorrow we are headed up to Sayulita for the day. See a couple of our photos below – courtesy of Derek.

Condo view


The pool

Seafood soup



Derek taco



today, i’m thankful for…

Today I’m thankful for…

  •  Stacy and Andre. They allow me to treat their home like a restaurant and laundry mat. I’m thankful for their friendship and generosity.
  • My old pal Janelle who brought wine and tulips last night. Old friends are important and I’m thankful that we’ve kept close.
  • A quick call from my sis to tell me I was being ridiculous. I’m thankful for her sincerity and honesty.
  • 10 cups of coffee, a yummy brunch and three hours of conversation with Shelby. I miss seeing her every day, but I’m thankful we were able to catch up this morning in Ballard.
  • My temperamental friend, the sun, who was gracious enough to make an appearance in Seattle today. I’m thankful for her rays and cheery disposition.
  • My boyfriend who told me today that I make him proud. I’m thankful for his constant support and words of encouragement.


blame it on the rain

I have been particularly affected by the winter gloom lately. Last week was miserable. It was rainy, cold, windy and dark. Puddles, drizzle, sweaters and red noses followed me everywhere. On top of this, Derek returned to school and I’ve been feeling incredibly lonesome for him.  Double whammy.

Every year I fall into the same trap. I expect winter to be over after the holidays.  It’s a trick.  For those of you who are familiar with Seattle weather, you know that this will last well into April. It’s not the rain that bothers me; it’s the lack of sunlight.  Between the short days and the constant cloud cover, Seattleites can go weeks without seeing the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Pacific Northwest and I’m fully aware that all of this rain feeds the lush, fresh, clean city that I adore.  So, I understand it’s for a good cause.  And in the end, it all works out because Seattle has beautiful summers. Do you think we would appreciate them as much if we didn’t endure nine months of gloom and gray? If we didn’t EARN them?

But I digress, back to this week. The weather and darkness really had me down in the dumps.  I wanted to cave-out in my apartment, curled up with a blanket all week (which is fine to do occasionally, but probably not advisable for four months). Just when I had given up all hope, Seattle redeemed herself.  Today (Sunday) was so gorgeous. The sky was blue, the sun was bright, and the air was crisp.  Finally!

My advice for getting through the rest of the winter: 1) Appreciate and make the most of the days when we have sun.  2) Try to remember that summer WILL return, it always does. 3) And lastly, be sure to schedule a vacation somewhere warm in February or March – trust me. 

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