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snow, snow and more snow

Don’t get me wrong, I like to lounge around in my PJs as much as the next girl – but this is getting ridiculous. Admittedly, I am a creature of convenience and all this snow is SERIOUSLY cramping my style.

It would be different if we lived in Colorado and we had snow tires, snow plows and appropriate winter boots. Instead, we have cars playing bumper cars on the highways and buses flying through guard rails. We just aren’t equipped for this. We only have 80 plows and de-icing trucks that are expected to cover the area between Everett and Tacoma, which equates to one snow plow for every 55 lane miles (Minneapolis has 240, one plow for every 20 lane miles; and Denver has 115 for every 33 lane miles).

I’m ready to have my car and freedom back. I have a feeling I won’t be getting my wish anytime soon…

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