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Ok, so it’s been a long time since I posted, but for good reason! I’ve been on vacation! YAY!! Well, first I was in Juneau for work and then I headed down to Mexico where Derek was waiting for me. Punta Mita was as amazing as it always is and Derek and I had a much needed, relaxing vacation. It was a vacation in the purist form. NO PLANS. Every day, we’d get up, drink coffee on the balcony overlooking beautiful Banderas Bay and decide what, if anything, we wanted to do. It was A-Mazing.  We went zip-lining, we rented stand-up paddle boards for the week, we ate, we drank, we played cards and frisbee, we went for walks on the beach, we sunbathed, we slept and read. I read three books in 7 days!  Then, to top it all off, Stacy and Andre picked us up from the airport and surprised us with a homemade dinner to-go since it was dinner time and they knew we wouldn’t have any food in the house! Talk about nice friends!

After a great trip, I suppose I had it coming. I got sick. The night we came home I was up all night with a 103 fever and chills. It really sucked. REALLY SUCKED. After being out of the office for so long, I really felt like I needed to be at work Thursday and Friday, but I was absolutely worthless. Oh well, such is life.

Enough for now, I’m getting tired. Time for another nap. But, as a reminder to myself, my next post will be about Oprah, hamburgers on airplanes and miserable vacationers.


you’re invited

Who? You

What? Pity party for me

When? Now.

Where? My place.

Why? I’m sick and laying in bed feeling worthless. I haven’t gotten out of bed in 6 hours and I’m on my 3rd movie of the weekend (and it’s only Saturday). My ears are so plugged up that the volume on the tv is set to level 26. Boo. Pity party for me.


the sicko

Sorry for the infrequent posting last week – I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. I spent most of the weekend sniffling, sneezing and sleeping which doesn’t make for very exciting posts.

I should have known this was coming. Every year, there is a point in the cold/flu season when I stop feeling sympathetic for “the sicko” and start getting mad. I usually wake up the next day sick – which is what happened this time. It’s karma. 

In my defense, I’m never mad at the newly sick or the mildly sick. I get angry at the sicko.  You know who I’m talking about. There is a sicko in every office. If you haven’t identified yours yet, they aren’t hard to find. Just follow the sound of constant nose blowing and endless coughing. The sicko is the person who has been hacking and complaining about being sick for three weeks straight. They provide daily updates on the color of their phlegm and their rising fevers. Despite everyone’s advice, they are still coming to work and they still have not gone to the doctor. It’s like they want an award for working while sick – like they are so important and dedicated. 

I believe the sickos of the world enjoy being sick. They savor the sympathy. They relish the attention. And they thoroughly enjoy hashing out the details of their ailments.  They are too self-absorbed to realize that everyone else is totally grossed out. Please sicko, I beg you, go home. 

Now that I’ve written this post, karma is probably going to hit me with pneumonia or something horrible.  Oh well, it had to be said. 

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