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This is SO gross to me. I hope you aren’t eating at any of the RED flagged places!


don’t get me wrong…

…it’s pretty awesome. On clear days I have a ½ view of Mt. Rainer that’s pretty spectacular.  I can assess the traffic on both I-5 and Hwy 99 for myself. And a few of the conference rooms have really impressive views. But there are downsides to working on the 26th floor of a very tall building….

  • The elevators can get really backed up and unfortunately it’s not really realistic to walk up/down 26 flights of stairs.
  • You see disturbing things, like last week’s attempted suicide from the courthouse sky-bridge. It was smack-dab outside of my window.
  • When it’s windy, the building sways….ALOT. Like today. And I was extremely nauseous and motion sick. I seriously almost puked.

I’m hoping for a calmer day tomorrow.


3 for $25.

Seattle – this is your opportunity to get out and EAT! Beginning Sunday, tons of local restaurants are participating in Seattle Restaurant Week which means they are offering a 3 course dinner for $25. This is your chance to try that new restaurant you’ve been hearing about…your chance to take your lady on a date….your chance to eat, eat, eat!

For more info, click here. FYI – rumor has it that Canlis is already totally booked – so don’t bother calling them.


guest blogger: what do you have to share?

I recently came across a study which indicated Seattle ranked #7 out of 273 US cities for online charitable giving in 2008. This made me smile as I love to hear and pass on great things about Seattle. We don’t fare as well in overall, offline generosity/donations, but I prefer to focus on the positive news. This got me thinking about the whole idea of giving and receiving, a timely topic for December. The studies I looked at measured charitable giving in terms of dollars donated to organizations, certainly important and necessary for the many in need right now and something I completely support. The studies didn’t measure the invaluable, individual act of doing. Doing for others may involve money, but more importantly includes the giving of our time, putting thought into it; planning it out, thinking about it, caring. In other words it requires more than writing the check. As a way to offer each other some ideas and share the untold value of an act of kindness, I’m wondering if any of you have a story about a good deed done for you or for someone you know that has stuck with you. Your story may plant an idea that we could do for another person. Think of it as a way to spread the giving. The key may not be the size of the deed, but the amount of care that went into it and the joy it brought to the recipient.



No wonder I’m so stressed out! It turns out, it’s because I live in Seattle. In a recent Forbes study, Seattle ranked #11 on the most stressed out cities.


Ingenuity at its best.

Talk about being resourceful; this cracks me up! According to, these Tacoma guys created this mobile pool. And the best part is that they used pvc pipe and an air compressor to create jets.  HA! This reminds me of something my step-dad would do.



hot angries.

Tonight, I was planning on posting some nice photos from my trip, sharing a few funny stories and providing updates on the last week. But all of that is going to have to wait because I have a mean case of the hot-angries.

It is SO hot in my west-facing apartment (that gets 12 hours of direct sunlight). I’m sweating. It’s gross. I’m so hot I’ve gotten frustrated unnecessarily at least 6 times and have had to fight back tears twice. Two hours ago I stripped off all my clothes and took a cold shower. I was happy for about 15 minutes, but now I’m hot again. In an effort to get a good night sleep, I’ve put all my pillowcases in the freezer – I actually think it’s brilliant (I’ll let you know how it goes). I really want to open my doors to get a nice cool cross-breeze going…but I made that mistake last night and now not only am I hot…but I’m covered head to toe with mosquito bites. Hot. Swollen. Itchy. Puffy. That’s me.

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