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Ok, this is kind of embarrassing to admit…I don’t have the months memorized (ie June is the 6th month of year). The first three and the last three are easy, but the middle ones are a little fuzzy. It’s not like I have to use my fingers to count it out, but it’s not second nature. I have to think about.  I have been asking around, and based on the stunned looks I’m getting back, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one.


updates and observations.

Wow – I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted. Here we go…

  • Since I last posted I’ve traveled to Scottsdale, AZ and Anchorage, AK. Let’s start with Scottsdale. Every year big mama, Stan and I head to Scottsdale for some much needed quality time, girl-talk and sun. I lived with these two amazing women for many, many years and I miss our love triangle (no – we aren’t incestuous lesbians you sickos). The beauty of the trip is that we’ve been to Scottsdale so many times now that the only must-see attraction is the pool and a restaurant called Cowboy Ciao.  As always, we had a wonderful time sun bathing, shopping, eating, and talking about stuff that only we care about. LOVE IT!
  • Earlier this week I was in Anchorage for work/meetings. Really nothing exciting to report here except that I had the worst pedicure of my life and actually made the lady stop before she finished. She was freakin me out – big time.
  • Derek and I tried a new sushi joint in Madison Park last night – Nishino. Delish!
  • I don’t understand the phrase “I’m never going to get that time back”. When have you EVER gotten ANY time back?
  • Just finished reading two books: Under the Banner of Heaven and Little Bee. Neither was very good – I don’t recommend them.
  • We had a serious scare with my grandpa over the weekend that involved loss of speech and leg movement. We were EXTREMELY upset and nervous, but he seems to be doing much better. He’s home from the hospital. <<Insert huge sigh of relief here>> JD, if you are reading – we love you!
  • Tonight I worked really late. When I got home and stepped out of my car, I thought to myself “Yum, someone is having a good dinner”. It smelled so good. And then I walked into my apartment and realized that person was ME! Thanks Derek.

Well, I think that about does it. Time for bed.


things that bug me.

  • Grown adults who wear cartoon characters on their clothes (tweety bird, tigger, mickey mouse, etc.) It’s just weird.
  • Seattleites who drive convertibles – get a life. That car doesn’t make you cool; in fact it reeks of insecure-douchebag.
  • Grocery store clerks who are rude. Yes QFC lady who checked me out tonight…I’m talking about you. I’m sorry I inconvenienced you tonight by shopping.
  • Email senders who write full paragraphs in the subject line. That’s not what the subject line is for. New to email?
  • Seattle buses that take up every single lane on 4th ave and clog up traffic. Apparently devoting all of 3rd avenue to them, giving them a bus lane on every other street and building an underground bus tunnel just isn’t enough.
  • The Twilight series. I know I’m going to get  a lot of resistance  and objection to this one. But if I hear one more grown woman say they wish they were a vampire or that it’s the best love story ever, I think I’m going to end it. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I kind of miss it when they were all obsessed with Harry Potter. At least it didn’t seem so cheesy.
  • My face. I’m practically 30 and I’m still breaking out like a hormone-drenched teenager. Just call me “zit-face brownlee”.
  • Fake people. It must take a lot of energy to try so hard. Please don’t waste your energy on me.
  • The phrase: “Holy Schnikes!” Ewww.

skip the shortcuts.

On Sunday, we crossed over to Bainbridge to meet King for Father’s Day (King is Derek’s dad; we call him King – I’m not exactly sure why but he’s been King since I’ve known him). In the car, King told us a funny story.

He had been out kayaking in the bay for hours. Upon his return, he walked into the house and was immediately hit with a NASTY smell. I’m talking a stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of smell. It didn’t take long before he realized it was coming from the trash compactor. He proceeds to tell us that instead of taking out the garbage he squirted a few sprays of his cologne in the garbage. GROSS GROSS GROSS!! I can’t believe he thought this was a good idea! As you can imagine, this did not work and it only made it smell worse.  If your garbage stinks, take it out. Trying to make it smell better is a waste of time.

Although I don’t really think his motive was laziness (I think it had more to do with the cost of the trash compactor bags which is another post entirely), it made me reflect on my own actions. Trust me, there have been plenty of times where I’ve tried to take a shortcut or the easy way….and it never seems to pay off. Despite my patience problem (and my inclination towards instant gratification), I’ve learned that it usually takes less time to do it right the first time.



We are off to celebrate our eight-year anniversary this weekend! Can you believe it, eight years! It’s insane.

I’ll post pics of our adventure on Sunday.


i’m back.

Sorry for the unannounced absence last week! I was up in Alaska for work – saw some cool stuff (prehistoric bones, gold-dredge number 8, dahl sheep, 4 moose, lots of REALLY old cars, and other stuff I can’t remember). Derek was supposed to be my guest blogger…but he forgot. Hope everyone had a good week!


weekend review.

I had such a great weekend! First of all, I didn’t work on Friday – which is always a great way to start the weekend! I had a kick-ass training session Friday morning. Friday evening I went shopping and out to dinner with my pal Shelby. Saturday, we went on a long bike ride and then out to celebrate Annemarie’s birthday. And today, we drove up to La Conner for the tulip festival. It was beautiful!

Sigh. Good-bye weekend, hello work week.


vegetarian out of boredom?

Is it weird I’m considering being a vegetarian for few months because I’m bored?  Some people turn vegetarian because they have health concerns or feel a moral obligation, but not me. I’m just bored and I feel like it would be a fun challenge. It would force me to become more creative with my cooking and try new recipes!  I don’t want to do it forever – just for a month or two (it would be too hard over the holidays and I think my family would probably disown me). Just something I’m thinking about – I’ll let you know what I decide.


updates are in order.

Updates updates updates.  I am so sorry for being so blogsent – here are some much needed updates.

1)    Cruise – Two weeks ago we went on a cruise with my mom, stepdad, sister, Derek and three stepsiblings. We had a great time!! We were on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise that stopped in Ocho Rios Jamaica, Cozumel Mexico and Grand Cayman. We were onboard the brand new Ruby Princess and she’s a beaut.  For me, the highlight of the trip was swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel – it was so much fun! I’ll post a few photos of our trip later this week.

2)    Derek- After months of hard work and a few sleepless nights, Derek presented his final project. He’s DONE WITH SCHOOL!! Yes, that’s right. He’s now the proud owner of a Bachelor’s Degree of Landscape Architecture. It’s such an amazing accomplishment; I’m so proud of him.

3)    The Surprise – To celebrate Derek’s big accomplishment, I took him out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and gave him his graduation present. It was a Thai travel book with two plane tickets to Bangkok slipped into it!! Yep, we are going to go to Thailand and I actually pulled off a good surprise. He was shocked and we are both CRAZY excited. I’m pretty sure I secured the “girlfriend of the year” award with this one. If you have any Thailand tips, please send them my way!

4)    Sick – I think I’ve finally recovered from the sickness. Thank goodness!

5)    First Communion – The triplets had their first communion this weekend. They were so freaking cute – I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw them. They are growing up so fast; it makes me feel old, old, old.

6)    John Adams – This weekend I finished watching the HBO mini-series: John Adams. I loved it and highly recommend it. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney were so amazing.

7)     Random question – Do people think in a specific language? For example, are your thoughts in English? Do Hispanics think in Spanish? Do thoughts have a language? Derek and I have been discussing this tonight – and I was just wondering if anyone has anything interesting to say on the subject.


annoying mental list

I’m a list girl. I always have been -always will be. I create written lists, typed lists, mental lists, verbal lists, color-coded lists…you name it…I’ve listed it.  I enjoy the act of writing a strong, actionable list (I find it therapeutic). I also fiercely enjoy crossing items off my list. Nothing feels better than getting “stuff” accomplished.

That being said, I’ve been running around for the past several days with an annoying mental list in my head. You know the kind? It’s pestering me like a like a bee buzzing in my ear or an eye twitch. Like homework that I’ve ignored for too long, and now I’m going to have to pull an all nighter to complete. These are chores that need to be done. I’m thinking if I get my list out of my head and put it down on paper/internet I’ll feel better. Here it goes…

  • Renew Passport – Take photo; develop photo; fill out form; write check; gather the necessary docs; mail package.
  • Send in Ticket – Fill out ticket; send it in; wait for court date. I’ll have to post more details about this one, but not now because I’m still too fired up.
  • Figure out Joint Account – Call Wamu to setup a joint account for me and Derek.
  • Get Nails Done – Fill and color change.
  • Go to Costco – Return a few items, buy Chex cereal.
  • Shoe Repair – Take 4 pairs of heels in to the shoe shop to get them repaired.
  • Crown – Go to the dentist for the first of two appointments to get my crown. Fun.
  • Car – Take my car in. Several months ago I took it in and there was a laundry list of problems. I should probably start working my way through it.

just another wednesday.

I’m too tired to write a super thoughtful and in-depth post – but I’m feeling really guilty for being blogsent (get it? Blog-absent! I just made that up!) the last couple days. So, here’s a random update.

  • Wednesday Night Dinners – Since it’s rainy and gloomy out, we decided to start “Wednesday Night Dinners” with Stacy and Andre. So far, it’s been really great; it gives us something to look forward to in the middle of the week. Last week they made pot roast, and this week we made French dips.
  • Gym – My AM gym sessions have been going reasonable well. I went Monday and Tuesday, but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed this morning. I’ll hit it hard tomorrow…hopefully.
  • Prop 8 – I’m absolutely sick about Proposition 8 in CA. People, we have to progress FORWARD. Not backwards. I do not understand how anyone feels it is within their rights to ban someone else from marriage. GAH!  On the other hand, congrats to Connecticut.
  • Soup – Derek and I have been making a new soups on Sundays. So far, we’ve made a mushroom barely soup and chili. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has a good soup recipe!
  • Thanksgiving – I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving. This year, I’m spending Thanksgiving with Derek’s family (plus all four girlfriends) at a cabin on Mt. Baker. Good food, board games, puzzles, football, drinks and family – what more could a girl ask for?!?
  • Tonight – I made some BOMB Chicken Massaman Curry tonight, although I had a hard time eating it because my mouth was still numb from my visit to the dentist. I had a cavity filled this afternoon. In two weeks, I get to pay $600 out of pocket for a crown – JUST what I wanted to spend my money on. My teeth suck.
  • Perfect home – Today I stumbled on the most perfect home for me and Derek…then reality set in. Unfortunately, we just aren’t in a position to buy anything right now. We both agreed it was perfect for us though.
  • Apology – I couldn’t quite bring myself to take a gift to my landlord (like the poll said), but I did apologize via email. This was his response, “…but you provided so much entertainment! Be sure to put new Year’s eve on your crashing calendar 🙂  It is not to be missed.  Classy attire.” I’m glad he had a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

I think that’s it. Over and out.


Cars, occupational hazards, acid, anxiety and jello jigglers

Here is a little snapshot into my mind today – in no particular order:

I FINALLY paid off my car. After two years of pretending like it was a priority – I finally MADE it a priority. This morning I sucked it up and wrote the big check.  I know I made the right decision, however I feel slightly nervous about the whole thing because it took a sizable chunk out of my savings.


Ok, I’m not going to bore you with the details of my dreams – because NOBODY likes dream stories. Just admit it – nobody does. Don’t fool yourself and think that yours are good. They aren’t. Nobody cares; they are pretending because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

BUT I will tell you that I always dream about work. My dreams are always monopolized  by work, I know…lame! In the last two weeks I’ve had two very strange dreams about cruising. I guess it could be worse. I could be a plumber and have dreams about poop every night. Occupational hazard.


There is a particular little drama plaguing my mind right now. I know it’ll all work out in the end – and I probably have nothing to worry about – but I can’t let it go. Let’s call it “problem A” for right now. Every time I think about problem A, I get frustrated and am overwhelmed by massive amounts of anxiety. It feels like stomach acid eating away at my sanity and rationalization. Lovely.

Like most annoying problems, I know that Problem A is only a small part of the picture. At the root of the issue is the larger problem…Problem ABC.

The good news is that this post was fairly therapeutic and I already feel a little better. The post was like an antacid for my anxiety. Ha!


Why do people get naked at the gym? I swear, some women ENJOY walking around the locker rooms buck naked making everyone look at them. Ew. It’s never “pretty bodies” either. It reminds me of a Jello-jiggler. Can’t we all just be a little more discrete?


pet peeve

Simple grammatical errors frustrate me. Everyone should know the difference between to, too, two; their, they’re, there; your, you’re; but, butt, etc. I understand that mistakes happen, but seriously?

In case you can’t see through the raindrops on my windshield, the frame reads: When hell freezes over I’ll snowboard there to!


A random snapshot of my week

  • I’ve tried two new recipes this week: shrimp pad thai stir-fry and stuffed bell peppers. Both were good – but both could use some refinement. The stir fry was so spicy it burned my tongue off and made my lips swell. Derek and I each drank a ½ gallon of milk trying to soothe our mouths.
  • Speaking of milk – does anyone else out there have to buy “his” and “her” milk? I prefer non-fat, and Derek prefers whole milk (ew) so we buy separate.
  • This evening we met up with Stacy and Andre for a picnic and bocce ball – I love bocce ball!
  • We were supposed to go camping with my mom and stepdad this weekend – but we cancelled. The weather on the Olympic Peninsula isn’t supposed to be great. To be honest, I’m feeling really guilty about cancelling on them (I guess it’s the pleaser in me), but I’m relieved to have a weekend at home. We’ve been so busy this summer.
  • I’m very excited about the Olympics – who doesn’t love the Olypmics!?! My favorite events to watch: women’s gymnastics, volleyball, swimming and diving. The opening ceremony is on Friday – hooray!
  • Seahawks tickets went on sale yesterday – I bought tickets for three games and dropped almost $600. I’m having buyer’s remorse big time. I’ll probably try to sell a game or two.

random things that have made me laugh

  • Other people’s weird laughs. I work with some weird laughers. When I started at this job, I was shocked – absolutely stunned by these laughers. It’s hard not to join in!
  • Under bites on people who are trying to act cool or tough. Try it. Push out your jaw so your bottom teeth are in front of your top teeth. DO IT. Now, look incredibly serious and cock your head sideways. It’s funny, right?
  • Everybody Loves Raymond. I don’t know why, but this show just cracks me up EVERY TIME I watch it. I mean it – every time. It’s on TV right now and I’ve laughed out loud at least six times. That’s pretty incredible. The weird part is, I shouldn’t like it. I’m not the target audience. I have nothing in common with the characters. And yet, I can’t get enough. It’s a mystery.
  • The word “nards”. I have a friend that says “nards”. He he he!
  • My 7 year old brother Nathan (one of the triplets), was getting in trouble for calling his brother a “terd”, so he made up a new word to use instead. The word is “tert”. Tert! Tert! Tert!
  • And of course….this photo:

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