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so fresh and so clean.

Is there ANYTHING better than a clean house? I mean seriously. I spent all morning and the first part of the afternoon cleaning, throwing away, putting stuff on craigslist, organizing, etc. and I honestly feel at peace. People, I can’t stress enough how happy I am about this! I’ve been feeling a certain level of anxiety, and I’m pretty sure it was because my apartment was a disaster. It’s weird, because I don’t seem to care about my office or car being clean, but my home…YES! I’m not one of those people that like the ACT of cleaning, it’s the final product that I crave. Order. Cleanliness. Peace. Everything in its place. It’s glorious. If you need me, I’ll be at home. Enjoying my clean apartment.

**On a side note, the guy upstairs has a Golden Retriever and a Boston terrier up there right now. Claws on hardwood floors. Barking. Chaos. This could seriously put a damper on my love affair with my apartment.

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