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get your mind out of the gutter

Last weekend, my sister (age 23) and my step dad (age 44) had an interesting encounter. I thought I’d share their story.

My mom was out of town and so they went out to have a couple drinks and keep each other company. This is not uncommon. If you live on Bainbridge Island, you’ve probably seen them at The Harbor Pub with their backgammon board – drinking and playing a friendly game.

Last Friday night, they decided to mix it up and bring SORRY along with the backgammon board (you remember that board game right?). It’s an unusual combination I’ll admit, but that’s what they decided on. The Harbor Pub was too crowded, so they decided to try somewhere else. They ended up at a little Mexican restaurant called La Cantina where they ordered drinks and began the competition. While they were there, patrons stopped by their table commenting on the games and rooting on their favorite player. Everyone was a tinge jealous that they hadn’t thought to bring a game too. What a great idea; so much fun!

A couple hours later, a woman approached the table and was ecstatic to see that Stan (I call my sister Stan) and John were playing SORRY. She explained that she used to play this with her late husband frequently; they loved SORRY. She stood there and observed for an unusually long time – a little awkward for Stan and John, but whatever. Soon, she starts rooting for Stan like they were BFF. Finally, she decides it’s time to leave says, “Good luck honey; I hope you win. A little friendly competition is always good. And don’t worry if you don’t win. The best part about losing is the makeup sex.”

Ew, ew, ew (nothing against you John). Why can’t a young woman be out in public with an older man without everyone assuming they are a couple? Ladies, I know you can relate – you’re at lunch with your dad or boss and older women are giving you stink-eye left and right because they think you’re a gold digger and he’s a pervert.

Pull it together people and get your mind out of the gutter. Platonic and familial relationships still exist. Don’t be so quick to judge.

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