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2010 goals.

Ok, I realize it’s February and it’s taken me a while to formulate my goals for 2010, but I wanted to get them right. Or I’m just lazy and didn’t want to put the thought/time into it. Decide for yourself. Regardless, here they are:

Stop wasting food even if that means going to the grocery store more frequently.

Change the Brita water filter.

Host a memorable wedding that is uniquely ours.

Set a weekly workout plan (I’ll elaborate on this more  in an upcoming post).

Be more consistent with my vitamins.

Experiment with more vegetarian recipes.


a fresh start.

I love goals. I love making them. I love striving for them. And I especially love accomplishing them. I think that’s why I always look forward to the month of January. It’s a fresh start and provides the opportunity to set new goals and better myself. Last year, I accomplished 4 out of 6 of my 2008 New Year’s Resolutions – which I’ll consider a success for the sake of being positive.  (On a side note: I think that my love for goals really stems back to my love of lists. Essentially, I’m just making a list that lasts for a year – checking items off when they are accomplished.)

This year, when I sat down to write my 2009 goals I couldn’t focus. I found myself writing my 5-10 year goals instead; I was thinking more long term. I’m not sure what that’s about, maybe I’m just getting old. Ew.  Regardless, I ended up listing both goal-sets, but I’m not quite prepared to share my 5-10 goals yet (I promise I eventually will). So, here it goes – below are my goals for 2009. I think it’s going to be a great year! Good luck with your own goals. Happy New Year!

–          Find a workout program that inspires me and that I can commit to.

–          Purchase my URL name.

–          Put $XXXX in my savings account this year. (Just for the record, I know what the amount is; I just don’t feel comfortable sharing).

–          Continue experimenting with new recipes – at least 2 per month. This goal may look familiar because it was one of my goals for 2008. I achieved it with flying colors and really enjoyed it – so I think I’m going to keep it in the mix.

–          Stop using the F-word. It’s trashy and I don’t need to be dropping the F-bomb.

–          Study for and take the GMAT.


reckless resolutions

There has been a lot of recent blogging about New Year’s resolutions and personally I think they’ve been getting a lot of bad publicity. What’s with all of the cynicism? Yes, there are a lot of people out there who make resolutions that they don’t intend to keep.  Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs.  I agree that it’s annoying and frustrating to listen to someone year after year vowing to lose weight, save money, be a better person, etc. when you know they won’t put forth the effort to make it a reality. You know the type; we all do. In fact, you might even be one.  I call them reckless resolutioners.  These people give resolutions a bad reputation.

At the heart of New Year’s resolutions are good intentions to become a better you. Who wouldn’t want that? Personally, I prefer to make “goals” rather than “resolutions.” (Maybe it’s just semantics, but those reckless resolutioners have tainted the word in my mind too).  I’ve always been goal oriented and I like having something to work towards. Below are my 2008 goals. 

– Start blogging (2-3x per week)

– Experiment with new recipes (at least 2 new recipes per month)

– Continue going to the gym (3x per week or more)

– Finish book proposal by the end of March

– Pay off my car loan by the end of April

– Go to the dentist

Although I’m no expert, I would like to offer a few suggestions to the reckless resolutioners out there.  1) I have found that measurable and actionable goals work best for me. For example “I will lose weight in 2008” is a bad resolution.  How do you measure that? Instead, put a realistic number to it. “I will go to the gym 3x per week”. This is much better.  2) Be realistic; don’t set yourself up for failure.  Initially it might feel good to set lofty resolutions, but you will feel worse when you can’t follow through.  3) Write them down and post them where you can see them daily.  This will remind you to make them a priority.

At the end of the day, this is your life.  It’s your prerogative to you make yourself feel fulfilled and satisfied. You can either sit back and wait for life to happen to you, or you can steer your life in the direction you choose.  If you choose to sit back and wait, you waive your right to complain about your life.  

Happy New Year!   

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