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what a great year!

This weekend marked our one year wedding anniversary. It’s a weird thing. I didn’t except married life to feel much different (after all we’d  been dating for more than a decade) but I was mistaken. It’s better than I could have ever imagined. We’ve had such a great year. A few of the highlights: our unforgettable honeymoon to Greece, moving to Alki, getting pregnant, our cruise, the list goes on and on! I am so lucky. And I know it. And I’m thankful every day for my loving husband and the life we share together.

In the spirit of celebrating our wedding anniversary, I thought I’d share some photos. Our talented wedding photographer Jennifer Tai has featured our wedding on her website. The gallery is called “summer garden wedding at Hidden Meadows”.


how lucky am I?

In the last two weeks, my husband has…

– Re-decked our upstairs patio with beautiful cedar.
– Cooked a beef brisket to perfection.
– Taught himself how to build a computer…ordered all the parts, and then built it…and it works!

Jealous? Ummm, I know. I hit the freakin’ husband jackpot! After more than 10 years, he STILL impresses me!


here comes another bride!

As if Christmas Eve wasn’t exciting enough already, it became even MORE exciting after I received a phone call from my ol’ pal Kara. I believe the conversation went something like this.

Kindra: Hi Sweetie! Did you get my voicemail?

Kara: No. But I got a ring!!!


I can’t even tell you how excited I am for Kara and Brendan. I’ve known Kara for 10 years now and the instant I met Brendon, I knew he was the one for her!  Hands down. No questions. Game over.  They are the kind of couple that you just KNOW will still be laughing together when they are old and wrinkly.  Congrats you two!

PS – I apologize for my lapse in posting. We were stealing internet from a neighbor and they had the nerve to move! Ha! Anyway, we had to buck up and pay for our own. Imagine that!


goin’ to the chapel.

Over the weekend my brother-in-law (it’s so weird I have in-laws…I feel like such an adult). Anyways, over the weekend, my brother-in-law proposed to his wonderful girlfriend and she said yes!! You know when you see a couple and you get warm-fuzzies inside? This couple gives me warm-fuzzies! I absolutely adore them and we are so excited and happy for them! Congrats Gabe and Mary B!


today in the car…

Derek: We get along really well, huh?

Me: Yeah, I think so! We better; we’re getting married in 3 months.

Derek: It’s just that I’ve never been friends with someone for ten
years (let alone roommates) and not gotten tired of them.

Me: That’s how you know this is gonna be good!

Me: <<Big smile and warm fuzzy feeling inside>>


homemade is better.

Look at the card I received for our anniversary. Homemade is way better. It’s hard to show, but it unfolds into nine squares and has a message on the back.

IMG_1005 IMG_1006


The back of the card reads:

“Happy 8th Anniversary Kindra! It’s no surprise to me that our relationship has brought us this far. We really know how to keep things fun & exciting! Camping Kindra, cocktailing Kindra, beach Kindra, sports-fanatic Kindra, dancing Kindra, dressy Kindra and traveling Kindra…are all among the many faces of Kindra that I love. Thank you for making a conscious effort in keeping things alive. I’m looking forward to many more years with you. I love you with more passion and might than words can describe. Derek”

Ok, typically I’m not a super gushy, lovey-dovey girl but OMG! Don’t you just get all warm and fuzzy inside from this card?!?! My boyfriend is better than yours is! Neener, neener, neener.


same but different.


We both love coffee and tea equally.

We both consider camping one of our favorite activities.

We both like riding bikes – although me more recently than you.

We both enjoy gardening and seeing our edible plants grow.

We each have a strong appreciation and love for the pacific northwest.

We both enjoy playing games.

We both value family and friends.

We are both very loyal to each other.

We both have outgoing personalities.

We both enjoy going out to dinner and cooking. Dinner is an event.


You detest products and bottles on the bathroom counter. I loathe junk on the kitchen counter, taking over all of the cooking space.

I enjoy watching TV, you don’t.

I brush my teeth with hot water. You, cold water.

You like beer – I prefer wine.

I am a fast reader. You, not so much.

You are a good sweeper and you don’t mind it – I hate sweeping.

I prefer my showers scalding hot – you like yours luke warm.

I can tolerate a messy house for a few days but I quickly become agitated and anxious. I’m not sure if it even bugs you.

You are skilled photographer and you have a keen eye for composition. My pics are predictable and uninspiring.

You eat soup with a big spoon; I opt for a smaller one.

Although I do LOVE salty and crunchy snacks like chips, I don’t like my food over-salted and buttered. I don’t. And I don’t understand why this salt-thing is such a point of contention for you. It makes my hands swollen and I retain buckets of water. It’s uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with you personally – I don’t like it when anyone over-salts my food. You don’t eat ground meat, so I stopped cooking it. I don’t make you eat it.

I am bossy in the kitchen – fine, I’ll own it. I think my way is the best way. But you are a taker-overer. If you don’t like how I’m doing something, you’ll take over. You can also be a KIA (know-it-all).

We aren’t the same. We have a lot in common, but we aren’t the same. That’s what makes us work. The good news is that we agree more than we disagree. And we agree on the big things. After eight years (Sunday is our eight year anniversary), there’s no one I’d rather disagree with.

I’m sorry we got in a stupid fight tonight. One thing we definitely both have in common is a mean case of the HUNGRY ANGRIES. I’m sorry. I love you.

Oh, and I don’t throw items in the recycle bin without removing the caps just to make you mad. I promise.


box o’ treasures.

I’m not much of a pack rat. Unnecessary clutter makes me a little anxious. Even if I wanted to be – my apartment wouldn’t allow for it. I keep very few “keepsakes” – it’s just not my style. Last week while visiting my mom, she informed my sister and me that we each had a box of high school stuff to take with us. Reluctantly I carted it home, assuming it was all junk. These are items I haven’t looked at or missed in many, many years.

The box sat in my bedroom for a week untouched. Finally, I had the time to dig through it and it was like opening a window to my past.  There are a couple things worth noting and reflecting on.

#1 My generation spent way too much time writing notes. Today’s high school kids send texts; we wrote notes. Lengthy notes with bright colored pens, varied fonts and intricate folding schemes. It’s funny, because reading through them now as an adult, it was clear that the content was far less important than the presentation. Of course, some of them held juicy secrets, but most of them were the equivalent of a meaningless doodle, a means to pass the time. Now, I wish I could collect all the notes from my girlfriends. I would organize them and publish them into a book – chronicling the defining, shaping and “important” events of our young lives from each of our unique perspectives.

#2 Digging through all my high school artifacts, I was both humored and humiliated by my self-perception. I was naively grown-up and painfully confident.

#3 I had an amazing group of girlfriends –full of life, supportive, loving and unfailing. Undoubtedly, they helped to form my ideas of friendship and relationships in general. We laughed, we cried, we fought (rarely) and then we laughed some more. I’ve been fortunate my entire life to have amazing girlfriends.  Sometimes it makes me sad that we all aren’t as close as we used to be. Part of me feels deeply guilty and responsible for not making more of an effort, and part of me isn’t convinced that it would have made much of a difference. We still keep in touch, but it’s not the same. We have grown-up and we have pushed our own paths.  Nonetheless, I miss them fiercely.

Against my natural instincts to purge anything I haven’t used in a year, I decided to keep the box o’ treasures.


valentine’s day weekend


Thanks to the presidents and my new schedule, I had a four-day weekend this weekend! It’s been SO NICE. We’ve been busy!


Scrubbed down the apartment

Got my oil changed

Went for a long walk

Washed and vacuumed my car

Dinner at a friend’s house

Valentine’s Day

Went out to breakfast

Drove to Snoqualmie Falls

Hiked down to the river

Enjoyed a drink at the Salish Lodge bar

Checked out the Snoqualmie Casino

Went out to sushi

Rented a movie


Lunch with friends at the Elysian Brewery

Bought a few plants at the nursery

Went shopping at Elliott Bay Books

Climbed the rock wall at REI

Carpet picnic at home


Spin Class




every cloud has a silver lining.

I read this post today, and I couldn’t help but get emotional. My parents divorced when I was young and it was hard – really hard. Despite their constant attempts and great parenting, it was still hard. I was sad and embarrassed. I missed my dad. I longed to be “normal”.

However, like all things, time heals. It didn’t take long for me to grow up and realize that my parents were not in love and weren’t meant for each other.  Several years later, they met my future step-parents – whom I absolutely adore. I had the pleasure of attending both my parents’ weddings; they were each very different, but equally as amazing. I’m so thrilled that my parents are happy and have found love.

I am SO lucky to have such wonderful parents and step-parents. I know that most people aren’t as fortunate as I am. Every cloud really DOES have a silver lining! Thank you Abby-Normal for sharing your story!



The decision to “live together” is an interesting one. All my life, I thought this decision would be a huge one. A decision I would need to thoroughly contemplate and overanalyze. A decision that would require writing a list of “pros” and “cons”.  One of the biggest decisions of my life.

When other people announced they were “moving in together” I found myself thinking, “Wow, that’s a big step. I hope they are ready.” And it is a big step – I’m not trying to diminish the significance of it. When you take the step, there’s no going back. I think many young couples rush into it. If you aren’t ready for it, moving in together prematurely can put unnecessary stress on a relationship- eventually leading to breakup. Logically, I know all these things to be true.

However, when it was my turn to decide to cohabitate – there was no question in my mind. There was no list. I didn’t even think about it – it was a done deal. It’s funny how quickly I made the decision; I guess I just knew it would work out and that we were ready.

So far I can’t find any downfalls to living with Derek. It has been blissfully wonderful; better than I could have ever hoped for.  Yes, our apartment is a little small, but we make it work. I guess when you know, you just know.


july 28th

What does July 28th mean to you? Perhaps you recall that on this day Peru declared its independence from Spain in 1821. Or that in 1540, this was the day that Thomas Cromwell was executed. Or that in 1929 this is the day that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was born. Maybe you remember that it was on this day in 2002 that Lance Armstrong won his fourth straight Tour de France.

July 28 is a very special day indeed. Because 26 years ago, my best friend was born. My companion. My perfect compliment. I am forever indebted to the stork that delivered him – her name is Anita. Some people spend their entire life searching for their Derek – but I found mine seven years ago. Together we have developed a bond that is unusually solid, incredibly special and fulfilling beyond words. I am so lucky and so grateful!

So, here’s to you on your 26th birthday Derek. I hope it’s a great one. I love you!


no more good-byes

Derek moves in with me one week from today – for good. Not for a summer. Not for a month. For good. I can’t even explain how liberating and exciting this is. I get to see him every day. I will fall asleep next to him every night and wake up next to him every morning. Happy hour after work? Yes. The market on Sunday mornings? Yep. Sushi for dinner tonight? You know it!

For those of you who have ever been in a long distance relationship, you know how heartbreaking it is. It constantly nags at your heart. It never escapes your sight. You can’t forget it. By Saturday morning, you’re already dreading the Sunday night good-bye. He looks different every time I see him. I know it sounds bizarre, but it’s true.

The pressure to have amazing weekends can also be daunting. What if you get in a fight? Then you’ve wasted a day. What if you have errands to run? That’s boring. Not enough sex? Too bad, because you have to wait two weeks now. Then there’s always the question of other people. Do you include other people in your weekend? Or do you keep to yourselves? These are the realities of a long distance relationship.

For the last seven years, Derek and I have been doing the long distance thing. It’s been ok. We’ve handled it pretty well. What was the alternative? We felt it was our best option. Now I feel like we can handle anything.

As much as I hate to admit it, there are a few positive things about long distance relationships. You build incredible levels of trust – it’s impossible if you don’t trust your partner completely. You learn to appreciate and value each other – you don’t take each other for granted. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. But I’m already fond enough. It’s time to eliminate the absence. No more good-byes.

Twenty years from now, we’ll look back on this time in our relationship and laugh. And we’ll say it was well worth the wait (and then we’ll kiss).


loss and life

Saturday – Part One

Saturday morning Derek and I found out that a friend had passed away. While it wasn’t unexpected, it certainly wasn’t expected. Is it ever expected?  To expect it, would be to accept it. And despite my brain’s attempts to warn me, I wasn’t able to force my heart to follow. And so it came as a surprise; as all deaths do.   

He had been sick for a very long time. Three months ago he made a decision to stop taking his medication.  At first, I didn’t understand his decision.  I wanted him to hold on. Keep trying. Cling to his life. But then he sent out an email explaining it. And now I understand. His quality of life had reached an unacceptable low. He was tired of fighting for a body that would never heal. Tired of hospital stays and blood counts. Tired of waiting for test results.  Finally, he is able to rest.

It is grossly unfair and my heart goes out to his family.  I’m deeply sorry for their loss.

 Saturday – Part Two

Saturday afternoon, we made the trek to Steilacoom to catch the Anderson Island ferry for my great uncle’s 80th surprise birthday party.  I don’t know this uncle very well, but my mom’s family made it a priority to be there. So I went. 

As we pulled up to the ferry terminal, it quickly became apparent that something was not right. The ferry was docked, but it was being blocked by a stopped train.  We got out of the car to investigate and we learned that a man had committed suicide 30 minutes earlier. He had sat down on the tracks and the train engineer could not stop the train in time.  Police and Amtrak officials bolted around the crime scene. Passengers inside the train were on their feet, restless. The body was still lying on the ground near the tracks – it was covered by a black tarp.  It was surreal; I felt like I was watching a scene out of a movie. 

 Saturday – Part Three

We finally arrived at the surprise party. It was an amazing turnout; at least 125 people came to celebrate with our 80 year-old Uncle Dick. He was remarkable. He greeted everyone by name. He laughed. He told stories. He was thrilled to be surrounded by so many of his friends and family.

When it was time sing the birthday song, Uncle Dick made a quick impromptu speech.  He thanked everyone for coming and recognized his children for organizing the surprise party. Then he said something that put my day in perspective and helped to renew my focus.  He said, “This community center usually only sees a crowd this big when there is a funeral. I’m deeply thankful and extremely blessed that all of you came out here while I’m still around to enjoy you. To celebrate my life rather than to mourn my death.  While it is important we recognize the dead, it’s just as important to celebrate the living. I love you all!”

At that point, his kids drove-up in his birthday present – a brand new tractor. He was elated.

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