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fun in the kitchen.

Three new items that I used over the weekend and that I’m LOVING…

–          Kitchen Aid Immersion Hand Blender. This thing is AWESOME. It’s solid and super sexy. Easy cleanup. Quiet. Making soups will never be the same! I’m trying to think of excuses to use it. It sounds ridiculous, but when I was using it yesterday I swear Derek got jealous!

–          Calphalon stainless steel pots and plans set. I was a little anxious about this one because I was nervous I’d burn everything. I’ve read a lot about how they are significantly more heat sensitive than the non-stick stuff. I’m reserving the right to change my mind because I’ve only used them a couple times…but so far they kick ass.

–          Le Creuset Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set. I got these as a shower gift and I didn’t even know that I wanted them. I’m. In. Love. They are blue, and really heavy, and beautiful. The best way to describe them is timeless. They make me feel like my culinary possibilities are endless.  I hope someday when I’m long gone, my kids will see a set in a store window, and think of me.

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