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It’s absurd, but I still get my hair cut/colored/etc on the Kitsap Peninsula. I really like my hair lady and have not been able to find anyone in Seattle even remotely comparable in price. Usually when I have an appointment, I try to spend some time with my mom and stepdad. You know, two birds with one stone!

Two weeks ago, I had a hair appointment. Afterwards, I met my mom and John at a restaurant on Bainbridge Island for dinner and drinks. The host was very weird and I immediately got an “off” vibe from her – strangely enough my mom mentioned the same thing as we were waiting to be seated. And it wasn’t because she was a “littler person”. She honestly gave off a weird vibe. I actually can’t be sure she was a little person, she was borderline. She was probably 4’10” and had a stunted look to her. I suppose she could have just been really short. Really, it’s irrelevant, except that I’ll refer to her LPH for the rest of this post (Little Person Host). We got a table, went on with our dinner, and didn’t give LPH another thought.

Two hours later, I had to leave the scene abruptly to catch the ferry. For those of you who have ever lived on the island or the peninsula – you know the routine. It’s a constant battle. Damn that ferry – ALWAYS running to catch it! In my quick departure, I accidentally left my red scarf. I didn’t realize I’d left it until I was on the ferry (about 15-20 minutes later). I quickly called the restaurant and LPH answered the phone. She said they hadn’t found a red scarf. I told her it must be there because we JUST left. I asked her to please check the table and the floor by the table. Again, LPH said it wasn’t there. Discouraged, I gave her my mom’s phone number in case it turned up.  I called my mom and told her the story. I was hoping that she saw it and picked it up – no such luck. We both agreed it was strange that it went missing in 15 minutes. She promised to stop by the restaurant in the morning. We were confident it would show up. No such luck.

Fast-forward to this Sunday. I get a call from my mom telling me she recovered the scarf. Hooray! “The restaurant called?” I asked. No. Apparently my mom and John were at the same restaurant and she saw my red scarf hanging on the coat rack next to coats (mind you, she checked the rack the last time she was there). AND LPH was working. I know what you are thinking. It’s unfair for me to assume that LPH stole my scarf. It IS unfair, but I just KNOW in my gut that she did. And then she lied to me on the phone. So, my mom spots my scarf and does what any good mother would do….she steals it right back! Take that LPH!! What goes around comes around! I wish I could have seen her face when she realized her stolen scarf was stolen!

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