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i’m back.

The good news is that we had an AMAZING trip to Thailand. The bad news is we are still on Thailand time.

We returned home on Saturday afternoon and went to bed that night. After a good night sleep, we woke up at 5. A tad early, but overall pretty good. We were proud of ourselves – getting back on PST would be easier than we thought. As we were getting ready to start the day, Derek looked at his phone and had several missed calls. Weird. Who would be calling us throughout the night? I hope there isn’t an emergency. And then we realized.  No, it couldn’t be. Someone is playing a trick on us! It was 5pm on Sunday. We slept through the entire day – we completely missed Sunday. It was dark when we went to bed and dark when we got up. How is that possible?! While the rest of the world was Christmas shopping, going to church, watching football and grocery shopping…we were sleeping. It is such a weird feeling to have slept an entire day not waking up once. It boggles my mind. Needless to say we haven’t conquered the jet lag yet.

I will give details about our trip tomorrow. There is so much to tell, I’m not sure where to start!

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