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suck it Trebek.

I think I can pretty much speak for everyone when I say that know-it-alls are annoying. Nobody likes to be around them and nobody likes hearing their condescending answers to everything.

Perhaps the biggest know-it-all ever is Alex Trebek – that guy drives me crazy. And it’s really unfortunate because I enjoy Jeopardy. He is always saying arrogant things like “Ah, a common mistake…” or “Ooooh, so close, but no.”  or “Oh, you’re forgetting about…” Yeah Alex, it’s easy to pretend like you know the answer when you’ve got the cheat-sheet in front of you! Another irksome quality is the way he interviews the contestants at the beginning of the show. He should at least pretend to act interested in their responses – it’s so painful and embarrassing to watch. Stop patronizing contestants -they are smarter than you!

I think the SNL Jeopardy skit, sums up my feelings the best when Sean Connery says, “SUCK IT TREBEK!”

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