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a buyer’s market.

Graduate high school. <check>

Move out. <check>

Graduate college. <check>

Get a job. <check x3>

Meet the man of your dreams. <check>

Get engaged and married. <anxiously waiting>

Buy a house. <eeeek>

For so many years, I was discouraged by the Seattle housing market. Values were increasing like crazy and bidding wars were the norm. There was this sense of urgency to “break into the market”. If you could just get in, then your home value would increase and you’d be able to sell two years later for a decent profit. It was completely outside of my reach.

Fast forward to today. Values are decreasing and many homes are sitting on the market for months. It’s FINALLY a buyer’s market. I obsessively check redfin to monitor prices and new listings. The problem is…that I’m not quite ready for it! I need to save some money first, but I’m scared that I’m going to miss the window. Practical Kindra is telling me to be patient, save my money and wait until I’m absolutely ready. Risk-taker Kindra is telling me that we are “in it to win it” and that the early bird gets the worm. There will never be a perfect time; act now. As you can see, I’ve got a heated internal battle going on inside me!

Drama queen? I think so. Ok, so I’ve overdramatized this a tad, but you get the point. I can’t help but think about these things and I don’t want to miss my opportunity. I work hard and eventually I deserve to own a home. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Unfortunately, patience is not my strong suit.

On a side note, typing out that list at the top of the post made me sick to my stomach. Can you say predictable and boring?! Of course, context is everything and I was trying to make a point. I could also write a list of all the fun, amazing and unconventional things I’ve done. Even so, I’m still feeling a little nauseous. I think I’ll go shave my head or take up the cello or something.


Light at the end of the tunnel? Or the beginning of the end?

I am very concerned and troubled after this week’s announcement of Washington State’s unemployment rate (7.1%) and the recent news regarding Microsoft layoffs (1,400 today and 5,000 over the next 18 months). It feels like the situation is spiraling out of control and I’m fearful that our state’s job market will not be able to absorb all of those people for a very long time. This impacts everyone; although some more directly than others. While I am optimistic about my job, I have friends who are out of work – trying to support children and keep their homes. My thoughts are with them. I wish I could do more.

I can’t help but wonder if we’ll look back on this time 20 years from now and be thankful that we were able to turn things around quickly; or if we’ll remember it as the beginning of a long, painful haul. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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