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you know you’re a grown-up when…

This is a game Derek and I were playing this weekend. Feel free to add your own.

You know you’re a grown-up when…

…you wake up on Monday morning and there is still booze in the house.

…you brag about your garden.

….the only opportunity you have to dance is at weddings.

…the event of the weekend is hosting a “bonfire”.

…you go to more bridal showers than keggers.

…the quality of liquor becomes more important than the quantity.

…your idea of a good vacation doesn’t involve your entire fraternity.

…you spend thousands of dollars a year dying your hair the RIGHT color.

…you find yourself relating to your parents.

…you meet a 30-year-old and don’t think “Dang, that guy is old.”

…you drink more coffee than booze.

…you share a bank account with someone other than your parents.

…a quiet night at home is not considered a punishment.

…you spend hundreds of dollars every year hosting dinner parties.

…when you’re awake at 6:00am and it isn’t because you’ve been up all night.


the devil went down to georgia

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special treat tonight. It’s been five years since their last performance, but they are better than ever. It was well worth the wait. This dynamic duo has a special place in my heart because they performed at my 21st birthday and now they are back for Stan Brownlee’s 25th birthday. Put your hands together for Johnny W and the Fancy Fiddler!

A couple things you need to know before watching this video:

  • You need to turn your computer volume on for this.
  • They are a little rusty for the first minute, but by the end of the song they really ROCK IT OUT. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  • Yes, I am related to these two!!

scratch ticket.

D: Not to be gross, but you know what I like?

K: What?

D: The ghost turd.

K: Excuse me? The ghost turd?

D: You don’t know what a ghost turd is?

K: Nope. I didn’t have brothers growing up – girls don’t talk about poop very much.

D: The ghost turd is when you poop and the turd vanishes down the pipe before flushing. And then you wipe, and there’s nothing there. There’s no trace of poop anywhere, and you begin to wonder, “Am I crazy? Didn’t I just poop”? It’s a ghost turd!

K: <<Trying to hold in her laugh because she doesn’t want to admit she thinks this is hilarious.>>

D: It’s pretty cool. It’s kind of like winning a scratch ticket. It’s not THAT cool, but it’s still a rare treat!


worst ever.

Last week I was traveling for work.  Tuesday night, we went out for a few drinks after our meetings. That night, I experienced the worst (and funniest) pick-up line ever. EVER.

SSBG = Short, Shiny Bald Guy

K= Me

SSBG: K, do you want to dance?

K: Oh, I think I’m ok. We are about to head out.

SSBG: Look K. I know you have a guy in every state. I just want to be your Alaska man.



Gotta love snl.

The resemblance between Sarah Palin and Tina Fey is uncanny! Gotta love SNL; too funny!


charlie, that really hurt!

Most of you (who I know) have already seen this video – because I made you. But for those of you who haven’t seen it – watch it twice. I love the facial expressions and the accent! So funny!


random things that have made me laugh

  • Other people’s weird laughs. I work with some weird laughers. When I started at this job, I was shocked – absolutely stunned by these laughers. It’s hard not to join in!
  • Under bites on people who are trying to act cool or tough. Try it. Push out your jaw so your bottom teeth are in front of your top teeth. DO IT. Now, look incredibly serious and cock your head sideways. It’s funny, right?
  • Everybody Loves Raymond. I don’t know why, but this show just cracks me up EVERY TIME I watch it. I mean it – every time. It’s on TV right now and I’ve laughed out loud at least six times. That’s pretty incredible. The weird part is, I shouldn’t like it. I’m not the target audience. I have nothing in common with the characters. And yet, I can’t get enough. It’s a mystery.
  • The word “nards”. I have a friend that says “nards”. He he he!
  • My 7 year old brother Nathan (one of the triplets), was getting in trouble for calling his brother a “terd”, so he made up a new word to use instead. The word is “tert”. Tert! Tert! Tert!
  • And of course….this photo:


a twist on first dances

This video made me laugh; I wish I would have thought of this!

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