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I be workin’ on my fitness.

I thought I’d give a little update on our workout game. It’s been 4 weeks, and so far I’ve only had to put $5 in the pot! I feel pretty good about that.


workout update.

The results are in! As you may remember, I signed up for personal training a few months ago. It turns out my hard work is paying off. I’ve been at it for about 10 weeks (although there was a 2-3 week break in there due to vacation and being sick). Last week was measurement week.

Waste: slimmed down by 1.5”

Thighs: slimmed down by 1” on each

Arms: slimmed down by 0.5” on each

Chest: slimmed down by 1” (I’m not that excited about this one)

And lost 7 lbs!


skinny fat girl

I am not one of those girls that constantly obsesses about their weight (in fact I’m usually overly confident), but lately I haven’t been feeling my best. My body type doesn’t take well to gaining a few pounds. I’m short, so five pounds is really noticeable on me. Not to mention that I have the shortest legs EVER – and a crazy-long torso. I swear my torso is longer than my legs. WEIRD.

I’m not complaining about my body – all things considered, I think I’m pretty lucky. But, I do know that this body of mine has looked better, and with summer coming up, I’ve got to get it back into prime shape. Truth be told, there are a few upcoming summer events that I want to look good for. I’m hoping that by posting “my plan” here, it will force me to be more committed. I’m going to incorporate a few small changes that will hopefully have an impact. Here’s my plan:

–          No more buying chips.  For those of you who know me – you know this will be hard. Salt is my weakness. If you put a piece of cake and a bag of chips in front of me, I’d go for the chips every time. Now, I’m not saying I can never have another chip – that’s impossible – but I am saying it won’t be a regular occurrence and I won’t be buying them.

–           Work out four times a week. I’ve been pretty lax about the gym lately (2-3x per week) – but I’ve got to step-it-up if I want to see results.

–          Incorporate resistance training/weight lifting into my workout. Usually, I complete my cardio workout and then leave. In order to tone up, I’ve got to get in the habit of doing the “other” stuff too.

–          Water, water and more water. I drink a lot of water already, but there is always room for improvement.

–          Think twice. Just be smart about what do and don’t eat. Smaller portions. Less eating out. There’s nothing revolutionary about it.

How will I know if I’ve been successful? Well, I don’t own a scale, so I’ll just have to see how I feel and how my pants (or bridesmaid dress) fit. Wish me luck!

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