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can of worms.

Generally speaking, I’m a go-getter. I don’t ignore problems; I address and remedy situations efficiently and quickly. I’m not a procrastinator. It’s just who I am and it holds true for pretty much everything in my life (can you sense the “but” coming here?) except when it comes to dentistry. I hate going to the dentist. And no, hate is not a strong word in this case. Many of you will recall that I have deep rooted dental issues and quite possibly the worst teeth EVER.

Until last year, I hadn’t gone to the dentist in over five years. It was one of my new year’s resolutions/goals to go. And let me tell you, I’ve opened up one nasty can of worms. Tomorrow morning I go back to the dentist for my 5th appointment of the year to get “prepped” for a crown. Honestly, I’m sitting here stewing about it and aching to cancel the appointment (which I’ve already done once). Why did I ever go in the first place? I wish I would have ignored the problem for another five years. Ignorance is bliss (and as it turns out…money in your pocket too).

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