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I can’t believe it’s been 20 days since I’ve posted. OMG! Where does the time go?! You’d think that with all the time that’s passed, I’d have something really cool to say. But, for some reason I don’t. Looking at my calendar, here’s what I’ve been up to…

–          I went to a wedding.

–          I went to Alaska for a week.

–          I went to a graduation party.

–          I had dinner/drinks with friends 5 times.

–          I went to a Mariner’s game.

I think that’s about it. Hope everyone is doing well!


crazy lazy.

All I want to do these days is sleep, watch Deadwood, admire my new ring, read and eat.  I’m not exaggerating; it’s embarrassing. I can’t take all this darkness – it messes with me too much. It makes me a worse, less productive version of myself.


A random snapshot of my week

  • I’ve tried two new recipes this week: shrimp pad thai stir-fry and stuffed bell peppers. Both were good – but both could use some refinement. The stir fry was so spicy it burned my tongue off and made my lips swell. Derek and I each drank a ½ gallon of milk trying to soothe our mouths.
  • Speaking of milk – does anyone else out there have to buy “his” and “her” milk? I prefer non-fat, and Derek prefers whole milk (ew) so we buy separate.
  • This evening we met up with Stacy and Andre for a picnic and bocce ball – I love bocce ball!
  • We were supposed to go camping with my mom and stepdad this weekend – but we cancelled. The weather on the Olympic Peninsula isn’t supposed to be great. To be honest, I’m feeling really guilty about cancelling on them (I guess it’s the pleaser in me), but I’m relieved to have a weekend at home. We’ve been so busy this summer.
  • I’m very excited about the Olympics – who doesn’t love the Olypmics!?! My favorite events to watch: women’s gymnastics, volleyball, swimming and diving. The opening ceremony is on Friday – hooray!
  • Seahawks tickets went on sale yesterday – I bought tickets for three games and dropped almost $600. I’m having buyer’s remorse big time. I’ll probably try to sell a game or two.

don’t forget the compassion.

Today, I was extremely wrapped up in my own day and in my own life. I was engrossed in my “To do” list and angry about this weird swollen bump on my face. I was completely caught off guard when a friend emailed me out of nowhere and said, “Today, my sister would have turned 42.” Her sister is dead.

It broke my heart and seared me to my core. Here I am, stressing about my face and my workload and she’s just trying to get through the day without an emotional breakdown. It was an important lesson to me – you just don’t know what other people are dealing with day-to-day – a freshly broken heart or a dying parent. A nasty divorce. A battle against cancer. Another miscarriage or a recent layoff.

As you move through your day and interact with the people around you, just remember that you don’t always have the full story. Before you get frustrated with a grouchy sales clerk or a flakey friend – there could be more at play than you know. Don’t forget the compassion.

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