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the blogger’s crack.

As a blogger there is something satisfying about receiving comments on a post. I’m not really sure why, I suppose it is some deep rooted issue with validation or something. Not sure. Over the past three days I’ve received over 250 hits and yet only one comment. ONE COMMENT.  The funniest part, is that Derek posted a link to my blog from facebook and people clicked over, looked at my blog and then returned to facebook and commented on Derek’s facebook page. Sad. No crack for Kindra.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. I can see that I’m getting decent traffic, but why don’t the visitors comment? Do they not want me to know they’re reading? They’d rather lurk around? I’m not mad that you’re reading, I’m actually thrilled! Don’t be shy!


suggestions please

I’m looking to expand my weekday dinner routine. You know, the staple dinners. The dinners you make on week nights when you don’t have a ton of time or a ton of patience. My standard meals are getting a little old, and now that Derek is living here – I feel like I need to mix-it-up.

Please leave a comment and tell me what your staples are. Yes, I’m talking to you. As a reader, I usually ask nothing of you. I’m asking now, please leave a comment and tell me your weekday favorites. I’m going to have really hurt feelings if nobody comments – and then I’ll probably be embarrassed and want to pull down this post – but I won’t because I want my blog to be as uncensored as possible. See? Just leave a freakin’ comment.

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