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the enchantments.

This July we are hiking the Enchantments! We entered the lottery and we won! Well, my sister Stan actually won, but the permit is good for all 6 of us.  The Enchantment Lakes are located near Levenworth in the central cascades and are a high alpine basin full of lakes, granite formations and breathtaking views. This hike is commonly touted as the most beautiful and scenic in Washington State.  It’s been on our list for a few years and, we’re finally taking the plunge (umm…not getting any younger!).  It’s about 18 miles and the highest elevation point is 7,800 feet…which doesn’t sound too bad until you hear that at one point in the hike there is a 2,200 foot elevation gain in ¾ of a mile. It’s basically like climbing a tree with a heavy backpack on. (Why am I doing this again?!?)  We will take 3 nights and 4 days to complete the hike and we’ll have to pack everything in and out. I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone, but I’m mostly concerned about food. I’m going to have to be able to carry in all the food I want for 4 days (on top of clothes, sleeping bag, cooking stuff, tent, etc), and I’m nervous I’m not going to have enough to eat! I’m not sure how I feel about trail mix and dehydrated food. Eww. If anyone has any favorites or advice let me know.

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