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I’ve never been too particular about my car. It’s not that I wouldn’t love a nice, new, shiny car, I’m sure I would. But I prefer to be car-payment-less.  I’d rather spend my money elsewhere and cars have never been high on my list of priorities. Give me a reliable, reasonably comfortable car and I’m happy. However, today I realized that I need more than a reliable and comfortable car. I need an odorless car.

My car stinks. And I’m not talking figuratively. Literally; it stinks. Imagine an old, wet moldy shoe that’s been cooped up in a football player’s locker. That’s what my car smells like. It’s horrifying and I’m not exactly sure why it stinks or what is causing it.  All day I smelled myself, convinced that the smell had permeated my clothing. Ew. Ew. Ew. If this smell doesn’t go away, I’m seeing a car payment in my future. 😦

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