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camping – silver falls

Last weekend (on the summer solstice) Derek and I went camping – it was our seven year anniversary. Can you believe it?!? We’ve been celebrating our anniversary by camping for the last four years. We really enjoy camping together- it’s kind of our thing. Some couples snowboard. Or go to the theater. Well, we camp. In fact, we have a book that highlights the best camping in Washington State and our goal is to camp at every place in the book. It’s a lofty goal and will likely take many years, but it will be fun trying!

We prefer small, remote campsites with no RVs and no generators. Generally, I like car camping because I like packing board games, wine and other luxuries that would be impractical to hike-in with. We enjoy making and eating big, delicious meals while we are camping – why not?!

Last year we implemented the “bin system”. As you know, camping can be kind of an ordeal. There is a lot of equipment and it can be a bit cumbersome to pack. To help minimize the work, we bought a “camping” set of everything (utensils, plates, salt & pepper, cups, etc.) and also bought several large plastic bins. We put ALL of our camping gear in them. Now, when it’s time to go camping, we only need to pack our clothes and food. All the equipment is already packed – we just throw the bins in the truck. It’s amazing and it really helps with the short weekend camping trips. I highly recommend the bin system for anyone who likes to camp. I also have created a master list that we reference each time we camp (I’d be happy to share it – just let me know).

Last weekend we camped at Silver Falls, which is in the Central Cascades (about 45 minutes outside of Entiat, WA). It was a great little campsite. The highlights of the weekend include a spectacular waterfall, coffee in the mornings on our private riverside landing, many great meals and several games of cribbage.

Me next to the falls

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