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this is me.

I’ve spent the last thirty minutes trying to dream-up something to blog about. And I’m going to be honest – I’ve got nothing. Crickets over here.  Absolutely nothing. The weird part is that I feel guilty about it. I feel guilty about not posting on my own blog – like I just skipped class or something. WTF?!? Why do I do this to myself? I turn something that’s supposed to be fun and relaxing into a nagging obligation. It’s SOOO me. I have this innate ability to turn any task stressful because I can’t possibly miss an opportunity to put pressure on myself.  Sometimes, there just isn’t anything to blog about. No need to stress about it.

This is me. I’m neurotic – I can’t help it.



In case you haven’t noticed, I gave my blog a makeover! New colors, new layout, new look! I also updated my blogroll, added a new page, and updated my books page (which was seriously out of date).

What do you think of the new look?


breaking up?

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry for being so lame and absent. I’ve been busy and have been neglecting you. To be honest, I’ve been questioning our relationship a lot lately. Maybe we should break up. It’s not you, it’s me. You don’t satisfy me the way you used to; it feels empty. I committed to this relationship for a year and we are quickly approaching our one year anniversary. I want to make it work. I really do. We’ve had some good times – but I’m not sure about our future.  Maybe we just need to refocus? I’m confused.




I’m headed to beautiful Punta de Mita, Mexico tomorrow for a week-long vacation with Derek. I’m not sure what the internet situation will be, but I’m hoping to blog daily while I’m down there.  If that’s not possible, I’ll write in my paper journal and transcribe when I get home.

Have a great week!

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