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I have not posted in SO long, I feel so guilty. And there is simply no excuse. I don’t even know where to begin. Here we go…

  • Only 10 weeks left of being pregnant. I’m getting pretty big and sleep is starting to become a challenge. Overall, the pregnancy has been a breeze. I feel SO lucky! One small blip (at least I’m hoping it’s small), is that my white blood cell count has been elevated for the past month or so. Usually, a high WBC count would indicate some kind of infection, but I feel fine and have no signs of infection. It’s got the doctors stumped and me a little worried. They are sending my results to a hematologist this week to see if they have any useful insights.  
  • We had Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year. It was delicious and tons of fun. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving.
  •  This week is my golden birthday; I turn 30 on the 30th. I decided I’m going to have a much bigger celebration next year for my 31st, since the pregnancy has really put a damper on my drinking.
  • The nursery is coming along nicely. I’ve never put so much thought and effort into decorating a room. But it’s worth it – it’s looking great!  I want her to feel welcomed and have a nice space. Plus, it gives me something to focus on rather than freaking out about the upcoming delivery incessantly.
  • We bought a car – finally! As some of you know, neither of us had “kid friendly” vehicles. I drove a 2 door Honda (not ideal for schlepping a car seat in and out) and Derek drove a 2 door Toyota Tacoma truck.  After a long and thorough search, we ended up with the perfect vehicle for us! Now we just need to sell Derek’s truck!
  • Recently someone asked me if I was going to stay home with my baby. When I said that the baby would be going into daycare after 6 months, this person proceeded to tell me what a bad idea it was because I’m going to miss so much. Gee, I never thought of that. Thanks. I’ll just crawl into a hole and cry myself to sleep.
  •  We started Wednesday Night Dinners a few weeks ago, and it’s been awesome! I LOVE eating. 🙂

guest blogger: happy birthday kindra

Happy Birthday to Kindra!  Celebrate the great day you were born! (I hope you read your blog today.)


triple the fun.

Derek and I spent the weekend in Wenatchee with my family (dad, stepmom and the triplets). This weekend was the triplet’s eighth birthday party – I can’t believe they are eight!

I’ll never forget when they told us they were pregnant with triplets. I had just graduated from High School and I was getting ready to go to Mazatlan for my senior trip. Kristen and I were shocked; talk about a surprise! I knew they had been trying to get pregnant for awhile, not because they told us, but because I noticed in the laundry my dad switched from briefs to boxers. What I didn’t know was that they had already tried IVF (in vitro fertilization) two times and that they were ready to give up. It’s a horribly invasive and very expensive process. By the grace of god, they decided to try a third time…it turns out the third time really is the charm! The pregnancy was VERY difficult and my stepmom was in the hospital for most of it because she kept going into labor. We counted the days and weeks – hoping and praying the bugs would stay put and develop.

Fast-forward to November 18, 2000. I was a freshman at USD and I had been out partying all night. I stumbled up to my dorm room, and saw my roommate Liz had written the following message on our dry erase board, “Sydney, Nathan and Reid were born tonight! Call your dad. Congrats!” I was so excited!

They were 33 weeks when they were born and they each weighed about 3 lbs. You could hold them in one hand. On Christmas day, we finally brought the last baby home from the hospital. They are amazing – I am SO lucky to have them in my life.


july 28th

What does July 28th mean to you? Perhaps you recall that on this day Peru declared its independence from Spain in 1821. Or that in 1540, this was the day that Thomas Cromwell was executed. Or that in 1929 this is the day that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was born. Maybe you remember that it was on this day in 2002 that Lance Armstrong won his fourth straight Tour de France.

July 28 is a very special day indeed. Because 26 years ago, my best friend was born. My companion. My perfect compliment. I am forever indebted to the stork that delivered him – her name is Anita. Some people spend their entire life searching for their Derek – but I found mine seven years ago. Together we have developed a bond that is unusually solid, incredibly special and fulfilling beyond words. I am so lucky and so grateful!

So, here’s to you on your 26th birthday Derek. I hope it’s a great one. I love you!


loss and life

Saturday – Part One

Saturday morning Derek and I found out that a friend had passed away. While it wasn’t unexpected, it certainly wasn’t expected. Is it ever expected?  To expect it, would be to accept it. And despite my brain’s attempts to warn me, I wasn’t able to force my heart to follow. And so it came as a surprise; as all deaths do.   

He had been sick for a very long time. Three months ago he made a decision to stop taking his medication.  At first, I didn’t understand his decision.  I wanted him to hold on. Keep trying. Cling to his life. But then he sent out an email explaining it. And now I understand. His quality of life had reached an unacceptable low. He was tired of fighting for a body that would never heal. Tired of hospital stays and blood counts. Tired of waiting for test results.  Finally, he is able to rest.

It is grossly unfair and my heart goes out to his family.  I’m deeply sorry for their loss.

 Saturday – Part Two

Saturday afternoon, we made the trek to Steilacoom to catch the Anderson Island ferry for my great uncle’s 80th surprise birthday party.  I don’t know this uncle very well, but my mom’s family made it a priority to be there. So I went. 

As we pulled up to the ferry terminal, it quickly became apparent that something was not right. The ferry was docked, but it was being blocked by a stopped train.  We got out of the car to investigate and we learned that a man had committed suicide 30 minutes earlier. He had sat down on the tracks and the train engineer could not stop the train in time.  Police and Amtrak officials bolted around the crime scene. Passengers inside the train were on their feet, restless. The body was still lying on the ground near the tracks – it was covered by a black tarp.  It was surreal; I felt like I was watching a scene out of a movie. 

 Saturday – Part Three

We finally arrived at the surprise party. It was an amazing turnout; at least 125 people came to celebrate with our 80 year-old Uncle Dick. He was remarkable. He greeted everyone by name. He laughed. He told stories. He was thrilled to be surrounded by so many of his friends and family.

When it was time sing the birthday song, Uncle Dick made a quick impromptu speech.  He thanked everyone for coming and recognized his children for organizing the surprise party. Then he said something that put my day in perspective and helped to renew my focus.  He said, “This community center usually only sees a crowd this big when there is a funeral. I’m deeply thankful and extremely blessed that all of you came out here while I’m still around to enjoy you. To celebrate my life rather than to mourn my death.  While it is important we recognize the dead, it’s just as important to celebrate the living. I love you all!”

At that point, his kids drove-up in his birthday present – a brand new tractor. He was elated.


happy birthday mom

Today is my mom’s birthday; can you guess how old she is? I bet you can’t!

Ten tidbits about my mom:

10. Two years ago she decided that she didn’t like her name, so she made everyone call her Kat for two weeks. It didn’t stick, but it was really funny.

9. She is one of the most physically fit people I know. She works out all the time. You should see the guns on that woman! Actually, she’s also a certified personal trainer. She took weekend classes in her “spare time”.

8. She gives great book recommendations. There has only been one that I didn’t like and I think we all know what that was.

7. She LOVES Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD.

6. When she actually finds the time to mosaic – she creates intricate mirrors, bistro tables, candle holders, etc. I wish she would make more time for this.

5. Every spring she treats Kristen and me to a girls weekend – so we can warm up and see the sun. I love this tradition and look forward to it every year.

4. If you spend an afternoon with her, you are likely to hear one of these phrases come flying out of her mouth: Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Adios MF. Do you think I just fell off the turnip truck? That’s just asinine! Are you out of your mind? 

3. My mom is a hard worker; she succeeds at anything she sets out to do.

2. When we were growing up, she didn’t make the common mistake of trying to be our friend. She was always the mom. Now that I’m an adult, we are friends.

1. Adjectives to describe her: supportive, successful, assertive, affectionate, generous, witty. I hope some of her mom-qualities will rub off on me so that someday I’m all these things to my children.

Happy Birthday Big Mama – hope you are having a great day! I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

And Go Seahawks!



let’s get physical

Derek recently stumbled across a website that tells you the #1 song in the US on the day you were born. FUN, right? Derek entered his birthday and his #1 was “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. I immediately start reading into this; it makes perfect sense. Those of you who know Derek know he’s a go-getter, he’s slightly competitive, he’s upbeat and has a lot of energy. It’s perfect.


At this point, I can hardly wait to hear what my #1 is. I’m certain it will be a legendary song. A song that people will appreciate for generations. A song that will provide insight and meaning into my personality. A song that shaped the person I am today.


Boy, was I wrong. My song was “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. I have to admit, I was really disappointed (nothing personal Olivia). What could this possibly infer about my personality? Lame. But, being the optimist that I am, I checked to see my #1 the day I turned 18 – maybe this would be more representative of me. After all, turning 18 is the beginning of adulthood. This #1 was bound to be better.


Nope, wrong again. “Baby one more time” by Britney Spears. Lame. Lame. Lame. At this point, I’m over it. Clearly Derek just lucked out. Then I started thinking about the similarities between the two songs. Both songs are centered around men. The lyrics plead with men to give them what they need. They are obsessive and slightly neurotic. This isn’t me! And then it dawned on me. Britney Spears is my age. Sure enough, her #1 was “Physical” too. I guess it does work – just not for me.

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