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It’s absurd, but I still get my hair cut/colored/etc on the Kitsap Peninsula. I really like my hair lady and have not been able to find anyone in Seattle even remotely comparable in price. Usually when I have an appointment, I try to spend some time with my mom and stepdad. You know, two birds with one stone!

Two weeks ago, I had a hair appointment. Afterwards, I met my mom and John at a restaurant on Bainbridge Island for dinner and drinks. The host was very weird and I immediately got an “off” vibe from her – strangely enough my mom mentioned the same thing as we were waiting to be seated. And it wasn’t because she was a “littler person”. She honestly gave off a weird vibe. I actually can’t be sure she was a little person, she was borderline. She was probably 4’10” and had a stunted look to her. I suppose she could have just been really short. Really, it’s irrelevant, except that I’ll refer to her LPH for the rest of this post (Little Person Host). We got a table, went on with our dinner, and didn’t give LPH another thought.

Two hours later, I had to leave the scene abruptly to catch the ferry. For those of you who have ever lived on the island or the peninsula – you know the routine. It’s a constant battle. Damn that ferry – ALWAYS running to catch it! In my quick departure, I accidentally left my red scarf. I didn’t realize I’d left it until I was on the ferry (about 15-20 minutes later). I quickly called the restaurant and LPH answered the phone. She said they hadn’t found a red scarf. I told her it must be there because we JUST left. I asked her to please check the table and the floor by the table. Again, LPH said it wasn’t there. Discouraged, I gave her my mom’s phone number in case it turned up.  I called my mom and told her the story. I was hoping that she saw it and picked it up – no such luck. We both agreed it was strange that it went missing in 15 minutes. She promised to stop by the restaurant in the morning. We were confident it would show up. No such luck.

Fast-forward to this Sunday. I get a call from my mom telling me she recovered the scarf. Hooray! “The restaurant called?” I asked. No. Apparently my mom and John were at the same restaurant and she saw my red scarf hanging on the coat rack next to coats (mind you, she checked the rack the last time she was there). AND LPH was working. I know what you are thinking. It’s unfair for me to assume that LPH stole my scarf. It IS unfair, but I just KNOW in my gut that she did. And then she lied to me on the phone. So, my mom spots my scarf and does what any good mother would do….she steals it right back! Take that LPH!! What goes around comes around! I wish I could have seen her face when she realized her stolen scarf was stolen!


weekend recap

I had such a great weekend – it’s a shame we’re already back to Monday. The weekends just go by too quickly. Highlights include:

  • Happy Hour at Dexter & Hayes Thursday AND Friday.
  • A yummy sushi dinner at Kisaku in Tangletown. Limited roll selection, but good sushi and very reasonably priced. Sake bombs were fun too.
  • Bustin’ a move in Queen Anne with Stacy and Richie – I think we may have made our own dance party.
  • Watching Richie lose use of her legs and crawl into my apartment.
  • A big group dinner Saturday night at the Old Town Alehouse in Ballard.
  • Morning coffee and a card game on the ferry with my sister. Just call us the Golden Girls! J
  • Breakfast (Streamliner diner) on Bainbridge Island with my mom, stepdad, sister and Derek.
  • A visit to Grandma Lavee’s house (Derek’s grandmother).
  • Visiting with Derek’s parents, aunt and cousin over a delicious lunch/dinner. Derek’s mom (Anita) is a fantastic cook!
  • Derek for four full days. What more could I ask for?!

Lowlights include:

  • Saturday morning…recovering from Friday night.
  • A parking ticket on the top of Queen Anne.
  • Running out of time this weekend – I really need to get my nails done – they are nastified.

washington state ferry workers

Generally speaking, I try not to make big sweeping generalizations like “all dogs stink” or “all frat boys are cocky assholes”, but I think I may have found a generalization that I’m willing to support and standby: Washington State Ferry workers are the grouchiest, most unpleasant bunch of people I’ve ever met.

There, I said it. I feel like I’m qualified to make this assessment because having grown up on the Peninsula and living on Bainbridge, I’ve been riding the ferry for years. I even commuted daily to Seattle from Bainbridge for a year. I have never met a pleasant ferry worker. They are always scowling, taking themselves way too seriously and being rude to commuters and unhelpful to tourists. If they think you are driving too fast or if you have your headlights on, they will CUSS you out. They love nothing more than to crucify people for this. And don’t even think about accidentally parking in the wrong lane.

Let me give you a few examples:

Example #1

Ferry workers are total control freaks. You would think they were in the FBI the way they boss people around and act like they are hot shit. Let’s be honest, they are human stop lights. They tell cars where to park, when to stop, when to go and when to turn off their headlights. All of these tasks can be accomplished with either a stop light or a road sign. And yet there are more ferry workers per passenger than there are teachers per student in your child’s school. Go figure.

Anyways, back to example #1. The other day, I drove onto the boat. They pointed me in the general direction – this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve done this before. I pulled up about a foot from the car in front of me and parked. Done – turned the engine off. As I was getting out of the car, one of the ferry workers walked up and INSISTED that I get back in my car and pull forward six inches. WHAT?!? Are you crazy? It wasn’t even a full boat! Jerk.

Example #2

Random story. My mom is a regular commuter. She commutes from Bainbridge Island to Bellevue everyday (it’s crazy, I know). One summer day, she was riding the ferry and had her bare feet kicked out the car window. As she often does, she fell asleep and took advantage of the extra time for a little nap. She woke up because one of the ferry workers was tickling her bare feet. EWWWW.

Example #3

During the summer, it’s common to get a lot of tourists riding the ferries. Most of the time, they are riding to Bainbridge and then riding right back to Seattle. The tourists don’t know that they have to “disembark the vessel” when they get to Bainbridge. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen ferry workers treat the tourists like they are the biggest idiots because they are confused by this.


For anyone who thinks this sounds like a good gig, successful Washington State Ferry workers:

  • Display a permanent frown and enjoy going out of their way to be rude.
  • Have an uncanny ability to get worked-up over minor things.
  • Enjoy standing around with coworkers.
  • Have a family member that already works for the Washington State Ferry system.
  • Enjoy making unsolicited passes at passengers.
  • Mullets are preferred.

    get your mind out of the gutter

    Last weekend, my sister (age 23) and my step dad (age 44) had an interesting encounter. I thought I’d share their story.

    My mom was out of town and so they went out to have a couple drinks and keep each other company. This is not uncommon. If you live on Bainbridge Island, you’ve probably seen them at The Harbor Pub with their backgammon board – drinking and playing a friendly game.

    Last Friday night, they decided to mix it up and bring SORRY along with the backgammon board (you remember that board game right?). It’s an unusual combination I’ll admit, but that’s what they decided on. The Harbor Pub was too crowded, so they decided to try somewhere else. They ended up at a little Mexican restaurant called La Cantina where they ordered drinks and began the competition. While they were there, patrons stopped by their table commenting on the games and rooting on their favorite player. Everyone was a tinge jealous that they hadn’t thought to bring a game too. What a great idea; so much fun!

    A couple hours later, a woman approached the table and was ecstatic to see that Stan (I call my sister Stan) and John were playing SORRY. She explained that she used to play this with her late husband frequently; they loved SORRY. She stood there and observed for an unusually long time – a little awkward for Stan and John, but whatever. Soon, she starts rooting for Stan like they were BFF. Finally, she decides it’s time to leave says, “Good luck honey; I hope you win. A little friendly competition is always good. And don’t worry if you don’t win. The best part about losing is the makeup sex.”

    Ew, ew, ew (nothing against you John). Why can’t a young woman be out in public with an older man without everyone assuming they are a couple? Ladies, I know you can relate – you’re at lunch with your dad or boss and older women are giving you stink-eye left and right because they think you’re a gold digger and he’s a pervert.

    Pull it together people and get your mind out of the gutter. Platonic and familial relationships still exist. Don’t be so quick to judge.

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