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hall monitors.

There is nothing more annoying to me than self-proclaimed police officers. I’m not talking about REAL police officers, I’m talking about the people who take it upon themselves to police the rest of the world. Let’s call them “hall monitors”. You know what I’m talking about! People who have no authority to be bossing others around, except their own conviction. That’s not a parking spot. You were driving too fast. That’s against the rules. Bla bla bla. Hall monitors have nothing better to do than boss the rest of us around – MEGA rule followers and generally tattle-tales.

In my experience, hall monitors tend to migrate to specific jobs. They quickly become frustrated that they don’t have the “official authority” to boss people around, so they seek jobs that give them the authority. For example, meter maids, judges, ferry workers, border patrol, and yes, police officers. I’m not saying that ALL people in these occupations fit into this category, but these jobs give the hall monitors “official authority” to do what they love. Why don’t they just mind their own business?!?! We aren’t hurting you hall monitor – back off!

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