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what a great year!

This weekend marked our one year wedding anniversary. It’s a weird thing. I didn’t except married life to feel much different (after all we’d  been dating for more than a decade) but I was mistaken. It’s better than I could have ever imagined. We’ve had such a great year. A few of the highlights: our unforgettable honeymoon to Greece, moving to Alki, getting pregnant, our cruise, the list goes on and on! I am so lucky. And I know it. And I’m thankful every day for my loving husband and the life we share together.

In the spirit of celebrating our wedding anniversary, I thought I’d share some photos. Our talented wedding photographer Jennifer Tai has featured our wedding on her website. The gallery is called “summer garden wedding at Hidden Meadows”.


honeymoon – santorini.

There are a lot of popular destinations that are over-rated and can’t possibly live up to expectations, but Santorini is not one of them. It delivers. It was more charming and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I’ve seen hundreds of photos and yet it still felt new and unexpected. Trying to get anywhere with Derek was a challenge because EVERY corner presents the perfect photo opp.

I’m positive that one of the reasons we had such a wonderful experience was because of our accommodations. We stayed in the most charming cave house EVER. The inside was nothing too exciting afterall, it was a house carved into the side of a rock) but the location was unbelievable. We were right in the heart of Oia. And best of all, we had our own private balcony with stunning views. If you ever go to Santorini, I highly recommend staying in Oia rather than Fira. In my opinion, Oia outshines Fira tenfold. This is an island I will never forget. PLEASE GO and see for yourself!

Here are those iconic blue domes of Oia.

If you look at the very bottom/center of this photo, you’ll see me standing on our balcony.

Enjoying our private balcony! Isn’t it beautiful?!?

My husband and I enjoying one of the many restaurants in Oia. If you look to the right of the pole, you’ll see a red/brown cave house. That’s ours! Great location!
Oia by starlight.

This is the little fishing village of Amoudi.  TONS of fresh delicious seafood. I highly recommend taking the stairs down to Amoudi.

Derek riding a donkey. When in Rome …

Not sure why I look so irritated here. Well, actually I do know why. The stairs from Amoudi are annoying and take forever. And to make matters worse, Derek was drunk and stopped every other step to crack a joke or take a picture. Rough…I know. 🙂


here comes another bride!

As if Christmas Eve wasn’t exciting enough already, it became even MORE exciting after I received a phone call from my ol’ pal Kara. I believe the conversation went something like this.

Kindra: Hi Sweetie! Did you get my voicemail?

Kara: No. But I got a ring!!!


I can’t even tell you how excited I am for Kara and Brendan. I’ve known Kara for 10 years now and the instant I met Brendon, I knew he was the one for her!  Hands down. No questions. Game over.  They are the kind of couple that you just KNOW will still be laughing together when they are old and wrinkly.  Congrats you two!

PS – I apologize for my lapse in posting. We were stealing internet from a neighbor and they had the nerve to move! Ha! Anyway, we had to buck up and pay for our own. Imagine that!


honeymoon – athens.

It dawned on me today that I haven’t posted any photos from our honeymoon in Greece. I think I’ve put it off because it’s such a daunting task as there are so many photos. It’s hard to choose which ones to share. I’ve come to the conclusion that the easiest way to do this is to break it into chunks. I’ll show photos by each destination we visited: Athens, Meteora (Kastraki), Naxos, Santorini and Sifnos.  We’ll start with Athens. Enjoy!

The Parthenon

The Porch of Caryatids

The newlyweds!

The Acropolis Museum – one of the coolest museums I’ve ever seen. It is built over the ruins so you peer down over them as you walk throughout. The night we were there  admission was free because it was a full moon!

Everywhere you go in Athens, the Acropolis is looming overhead. Pretty amazing!

Our first dinner in Greece, it was so cute!

We’re so excited to eat!

Derek in front of the parliament building.

The Temple of Zeus.

Me enjoying a little shade in the  National Gardens.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Meteora.


goin’ to the chapel.

Over the weekend my brother-in-law (it’s so weird I have in-laws…I feel like such an adult). Anyways, over the weekend, my brother-in-law proposed to his wonderful girlfriend and she said yes!! You know when you see a couple and you get warm-fuzzies inside? This couple gives me warm-fuzzies! I absolutely adore them and we are so excited and happy for them! Congrats Gabe and Mary B!


wedding slideshow.

Our photographer (Jennifer Tai) put together this great slideshow of our big day. I absolutely LOVE it, and I thought I’d share. Turn on your volume because there is sound.


wedding photos & lessons.

As promised, here are a few wedding photos. For more photos, click HERE. These are 95% candid shots from our guests’ cameras and a few from our photographer. We’ll get the rest of the shots from the photographer in the next couple weeks.

Here what I’ve learned after having my first and only wedding (these are in no particular order of importance)…

Lesson #1:  Bridal Party. Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen carefully. I know we did and I’m so happy! Two days before my wedding, I was getting a manicure and there was another bride sitting next to me doing the same thing. Naturally, we started talking wedding talk. During the course of the conversation she told me what a horrible time she was having with her bridesmaids. Not helpful. Didn’t care. Selfish. Unsupportive. DRAMA. At one point, I thought she might start crying. It’s such an important day and you need all the help and support you can get, especially from your bridal party. Derek and I couldn’t have asked for a more hands-on, engaged and thoughtful group.

Lesson #2: RSVP. People are rude and don’t RSVP. It’s absolutely horrifying.

Lesson #3: Mothers. Nobody cares about your wedding as much as your mom does. Everyone is helpful, but nobody reaches the same level of helpfulness as your mom. My mom was A-MAZING. She was hands-on, supportive and involved, but never pushy. Embrace it and love it. You only get to do it once!

Lesson #4: Spend your money where it counts. If you are on a budget (which I think most of us are), then you need to identify the areas that are MOST important to you and spend your money accordingly. For us, the most important things were: 1) ceremony and reception at the same venue (ie more $$ spent on the venue). 2) The vibe to be more of a fun cocktail party, and less of a stuffy wedding dinner (ie more $$ spent on a band and the food stations). Of course things like the flowers, cake, and videographer were important to us, but not AS important, so we focused less of our funds in those areas.

Lesson #5: Gifts. I know it’s very crass to talk about gifts, but I can’t help it. I have to say, this one took me by surprise in both directions. We had guests who absolutely shocked us with their generosity. Especially people who couldn’t even make it to the wedding! Then, there were people who came to the wedding (didn’t bother to RSVP) and didn’t get us a gift. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t burn-my-ass a little bit. Not because of the gift, but because it’s just rude. Who goes to a wedding and doesn’t give a gift?  If people are in a financial pinch, I can totally understand and respect that. Just write us a card or pull us aside to let us know! But to completely ignore the situation seems shady. Did you think we wouldn’t notice? Now, I know what some of you are thinking: Kindra, technically guests have 1 year to buy the couple a wedding gift. I know. And I think there are a few people who will fall into this category, so I’m not talking about them. BUT, I know that about 50% of them won’t bother. I know it’s very uncouth to talk about gifts like this, but it was on my mind, so I felt the need to share. I certainly don’t want the few bad apples to overshadow all the wonderful and generous gifts we DID receive.

Lesson #6: You are not alone. Delegate to your fiancé. This is a wedding for two people – not one. Make sure that the groom-to-be is equally involved. Naturally, a lot of planning falls on the bride, but make sure to delegate some tasks so that you aren’t carrying the load by yourself. Derek was a huge help to me and I couldn’t be more appreciative. He was stellar!

Lesson #7: Be flexible. Things will go wrong – they just will. Accept. Get over it. MOVE ON. When you are faced with these obstacles, you need to be flexible and to make decisions quickly on the fly. We weren’t planning on having a receiving line – but it just happened and before we knew it, we were 45 minutes behind schedule for everything. As the night went on, Derek and I made the decision to cut the slide show and the bouquet/garter toss. Everyone was having such a good time; we didn’t want to interrupt the fun! Let the good times roll!

Lesson #8: Time. Everything takes more time than you think. A hundred people must have given me this advice, but I didn’t heed their warning. It’s true. Put some time buffers in your schedule.


i’m a wife!

I’m happy to announce that I’m a married woman. I’m someone’s old lady, the battle ax, their ol’ ball and chain. Let me tell you, it feels great!

As most of you know, our wedding was on Friday and despite the ominous date (Friday the 13th), the wedding went off without a hitch. It was a wonderful day and it exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Derek and I have spent the last 48 hours rehashing and reliving every possible detail that we can remember.

I have so much to say on this topic, it would take me an eternity to write it all out. I promise to give additional details and photos in a later post. Here are my top highlights to wet your whistle.

–          My stepdad married us and he did an amazing job. I knew he would, but he exceeded my expectations tenfold. He made our ceremony personal and full of meaning. It was exactly what we wanted.  Our guests were singing his praises all night…some of them even thought he was a professional wedding officiant!

–          Our band was awesome. Their energy and range of music kept everyone dancing until the end.  At one point in the evening, there was a 75 person conga line going!

–          My mom surprised Derek and I with a photo booth right before the wedding. We had no idea she was doing this and it was SO thoughtful of her. Our guests had a blast entering the booth and printing out their photos. The best part is, we get a CD with all the images on it!

–          Derek was incredible the entire night. He was radiating excitement all day and during the ceremony he was very emotional. It was quite touching.

–         Two words: bridal party (this includes bridesmaids, groomsmen, grandparents, parents and flower girls). They were unbelievably supportive, helpful and they all looked like knock-outs coming down the aisle.

–          Everyone genuinely seemed to have a great time. Of course, we lost about 25% of the crowd after dinner, but those that stuck around stayed until the end and danced, danced, danced! I heard about a couple crazy stories the next day! 🙂


wedding to do list.

Well, we are officially 37 days away from the big day and I’m getting very excited! There is a lot to do though. At the top of my list…

  • Dessert. The main problem here is that neither Derek nor I really LIKE dessert that much. I mean, it’s ok, but we aren’t crazy dessert lovers. We’ve had more ideas on this topic than I’d like to admit: pies, ice cream sundae bar, milk and cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake, ice cream bars, etc. Now, I *think I’ve landed on plain, ol’ traditional wedding cake. We’ll see.
  • Vows. We need to work on our vows and figure out what we are going to say to each other. This is really important to me and I don’t want to leave it until the last minute.
  • Rehearsal dinner food. We need to decide what we are going to be serving at our casual rehearsal dinner. Derek is in charge of this one.
  • Wine/Beer. We need to figure out where to order our booze from and then order it!

There are many other things on my list, but these are the big ones. Wish me luck –I  hope it all gets done!



…it’s been a long time since I posted last. It’s been pretty busy around here with the wedding getting so close. Only 59 days until I become a wife – weird! The invitations went out this morning, and that’s a big relief. They went out a week or two later than I would have liked, oh well, such is life. I’m feeling a little manic about the whole wedding thing. One minute I feel like everything is totally under control, and the next minute I’m clenching my teeth because I have so much to do and not enough time.

In other news, I traveled to Alaska last week. It was good trip! I’m headed up again next week and then probably won’t go up again until September.

We are still trying to figure out what to do about our honeymoon. I’m hoping we get something booked this week, I’m kind of tired of thinking about it.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. Ew. And we all know how much I love the dentist. Last time I was there, they gave me a referral to an oral surgeon because I need to start thinking about doing something with all these baby teeth. I promptly threw the referral in the trash. I just do not have the money to even think about this right now. Although I’m scared because I’ve had a tooth ache for 2 weeks. I really hope it’s nothing serious.

This weekend we went to Emerald Downs to celebrate Ale’s bday – we sure had a great time! I highly recommend it on a sunny day!


more girl fun.

A few more photos from the weekend. These came from a different camera and seem to be the “action shots”. Click here for more.

Having fun!

We want another shot!

A little pre-party at our place.

Strike a pose!

So cute!

Waiting for a cab at the end of the night.

I can’t resist recording a few of my favorite moments/quotes. I don’t really expect anyone to understand them, but I want to document them so someday when I’m old and married and decrepit, I can look back and remember all the fun we had.

*** “You know…touching me isn’t going to get you inside there any faster.” – Sara

***Scene: Stan doing a riverdance impression.

Kindra says to the woman next to her, “You know, she’s a trained professional.”

Woman says in awe, “I know. It’s just beautiful!”

*** I’d like to honor Ashley with two awards “inventor of the best photo game in the history of the world” as well as “Queen of tequila”.

*** Some guy ran up to me, grabbed my boob, kissed my cheek, and ran away. And instead of just telling the story, I promptly reenacted it on my sister. Ha! Cuz who wouldn’t want a visual?

*** Shelby taking shots of jager. I’m not sure I’ll ever witness it again! You go girl!

*** “I’m a personal injury lawyer, and sir, that bathroom is a lawsuit waiting to happen.” – Ams

***Getting interrogated at the border and our car getting searched.

***And who could forget all of the tequila. I’m pretty sure I consumed more tequila in two nights than I have in the entire last 5 years of my life.

***Stacy gets the “dance till you drop” award for dancing all night long and for dancing on my command! I can ALWAYS count on her to dance the night away!

***She be up in the club, just workin on her fitness. Kindralicious.

*** Erin gets the best shopper award for her excellent shopping skills as displayed by the six-shooter belt, the veil, the future mrs. Reeves t-shirt, and most importantly her new north face jacket.

*** “Maybe you can wear that apron at the next Wednesday night dinner”


***Stan finally got challenged to a dance-off, but she didn’t have her coat on, so she couldn’t perform the move she’s been preparing for years for such an occasion.


all the pretty ladies…

Here are pics from our big weekend in Whistler! Click here for more photos!


Doe – a deer – a female deer.

I had the BEST bachelorette party ever this weekend in Whistler. Ever. In the history of the world. It was so much fun! I am so lucky to have such great friends (and a sis). We drank, we ate, we dressed-up and we danced! I really want to post pics, but we are having some technical difficulties. You can expect pics to be posted no later than a week from today – hopefully sooner. Thanks again girls, I had so much fun!  You really know how to treat a stagette*.

*The Canadians call bachelorette parties, “stagette parties”. I thought it sounded a little masculine so I changed to to “doe-ette party”.


the list.

Anyone who has planned a wedding, can tell you that the HARDEST part is finalizing the guest invite list. Choosing a venue, selecting the caterer, writing the vows….all a cake-walk (or pie-walk in our case), compared to deciding who to invite. It’s excruciating.

It should be an easy decision. Make a list of the people you want to see when you’re walking down the aisle. But it’s complicated. Really complicated.  There are many factors to consider. How many people does the venue hold? What is the budget? How much fall-out will you have?  Where do you draw the line? Which family do you invite? Do you invite small kids (btw – our caterer doesn’t give a discount for kids – it’s highway robbery!). Do you allow everyone to bring a guest (even if they aren’t in a committed relationship)? What about coworkers?

Inevitably there will be hurt feelings (mine not excluded).



A few noteworthy points in my day:

Today Stacy and I went out to lunch at Arby’s for old time’s sake. We looked so out of place in our work clothes, it was comical. Seriously, other patrons were staring.

Tonight I found this save-the-date video. Don’t get me wrong, it’s way cool (and I’m totally jealous that I didn’t think of it), but this couple must have a lot of time on their hands. It’s quite the production.

I just finished a spin class. I haven’t gone to a spin class in awhile and I forgot how hard core it is…and how bad it hurts the prives. DANG.



Well, it was bound to happen. All the wedding planning has been going so smoothly, we were bound to have some kind of setback. Friday night, our band cancelled on us. MAN!! I was really happy to have that decision checked off the list. Oh well, back to the drawing board.



I’ve had a few requests to post pics of my ring…so here it is! Didn’t it turn out beautiful?DSC_3351



Pumpkins, dresses and costumes…oh my!

It sure was a busy weekend – and overall a really great weekend! It started off on a good note, because I didn’t have to work on Friday – yay! Having Friday off allowed me to get a ton of errands done: returned a bunch of clothes, tried on a wedding dress and made my decision (hooray!), went grocery shopping, went to the butcher, and met Ams for dinner! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have every other Friday off. It’s nice to get all your chores done so you can enjoy a full two days of pure weekend! Saturday we got up and cleaned the apartment and then went to the pumpkin patch with Stacy and Andre. I love the pumpkin patch. I love searching for the perfect pumpkin. I love all the colors. I love all the kids running around in the mud. SO much fun! After the patch, we carved the ‘kins and ate a yummy dinner. Sunday, I crossed the ferry and spent the day with my mom. And we even picked out my Halloween costume. I’m going to be the board game TWISTER! It’s actually a kid’s costume, and I’d like to give a special shout-out to my mom for sewing on additional fabric to the bottom of the dress (to make the length more appropriate).  Thanks big mama! All in all, a pretty good weekend (although I did have one minor altercation at the end that threatened to leave a bad taste in my mouth, but it all ended up ok).

Here are few pics from the patch.







This is becoming a nasty habit – only posting on Sundays. Oh well; I’m over it. I thought I’d give a quick wedding update of where we are at with the planning.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

We have reserved a venue.

We have a date set.

We have secured a band for the reception.

We know the basic flow/style of our celebration.

Wedding party is pretty much decided.

We have an officiant – although I think he still needs to get the appropriate paperwork.

We have someone to play our ceremony music .

I have my new ring setting – we picked it up on Friday. I LOVE how it turned out.

I have tried on many wedding dresses and I *think* I’ve found the one. I’m hoping I can find it used, although I’m less hopeful than I once was about that possibility.

Up next on my To Do List:

Start getting quotes from caterers.

Look for hotels in the area for guests who wish to stay.

Purchase a dress.

Tighten up the guest list.

Find a photographer.


mark your calendar.

It’s official; we set a date for the big day! Derek and I will be tying the knot exactly 334 days from today. In 11 months, I will be a wife (kinda freaky weird).  Yes, for those of you who are marking your calendar, I realize it’s Friday the 13th. Good thing we’re not superstitious!

I couldn’t be happier; yippee!

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