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It’s been so long since I posted. And I’d really like to post a thoughtful and meaningful entry. But frankly, I’m just too tired to put that much thought into a post right now.  Instead, a laundry list of randomness will have to do.

– Jolie started rolling over last week. It was SO exciting and sad at the same time. It was sad because I missed it – I was working. Of course, she’s rolled over 100 times since then, but I missed the first one. My brain kept telling me “Don’t overreact. It’s not a big deal. There are going to be a million ‘firsts’. Don’t sweat it.” Unfortunately, my heart didn’t agree. I found myself crying at my desk. Absolutely pathetic. At least nobody saw me!

– I continue to be annoyed daily by the idiots of the world. I would be so much happier if we could eliminate cigarette litterers, cops on segways, low-rider cars, traffic and bumper stickers.
Sleep training is going ok. The “cry-it-out” part is getting easier and shorter. But she’s still pretty inconsistent with her sleeping. Last night was a good night, but the night before was a very bad night.
– I LOVE living on Alki. I think it’s one of the most awesome neighborhoods in Seattle. LOVE IT!
– We had a lovely father’s day on Sunday. We had some friends over for brunch and then had the rest of the day to relax. It was perfect!
– Derek, my mom and Kristen sat me down the other day and had an “intervention” for me. For my shoulder. They are worried that I’m not doing my physical therapy and that it’s not getting better and won’t get better. It was all very dramatic and over the top. The truth is that I’m exhausted and the physical therapy takes an hour each night. But, I know that they are right and that I do need to make more of an effort. I’m only hurting myself. In fact, I need to wrap this up so I can get to it.

saved by the bell trivia.

Today we had a little “Saved by the Bell Trivia” contest. Below are the questions. Do you know the answers?

1) Theme song. Fill in the blanks.

When I wake up in the morning
And the ‘larm gives out a warning
I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time
By the time I grab my books,
And I give myself a look,
I’m at the corner just in time __  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
It’s alright ”cause I’m saved by the bell

2) What was the name of their hangout spot (restaurant)?

3) What was the mascot of Bayside High School?

4) In one episode, Zack accidentally killed one of Screech’s pets and the gang had a funeral. What kind of pet was it?

5) What does the A.C. stand for in AC Slater?

6) Whose baby did Zack help to deliver in the elevator during an earthquake?

7) What actress played Screech’s girlfriend Violet?

8) What is AC Slater’s nickname for Zack?

9) What was the name of Bayside’s rival school?

10) The summer they all got summer jobs at the Malibu Sands Beach club. One of the characters did not work that summer because his/her parents were members of the club. Who didn’t work?

11) In the made-for-tv movie “wedding special” Zack and Kelly got married. In what city was their wedding?

12) What was the song Jessie Spanno sang in her room while she was addicted to caffeine pills?


brachial plexus.

I feel like I have to blog about this topic because it weighs on me constantly. And as much as I try to push it out of my head, I’m reminded of it all too frequently.

During my labor with Jolie, I damaged my right brachial plexus which is a very important network of nerves. The brachial plexus runs from your spine under your collar bone and is responsible for the nerves that power your arm. Somehow, by some freak of nature, I managed to stretch mine during labor. The result is that I can’t move my right arm. I can bend it at the elbow, but can’t lift it up or out to the side. And now the muscles have atrophied. It is very uncommon to suffer this kind of injury during labor and thus it took a really long time to diagnose the problem. Most people who suffer brachial plexus injuries are in car accidents or have suffered football injuries. The good news is that it looks like the nerves are regenerating. The bad news is that it will take more than a year for me to regain full mobility. It’s already been 5 months and I’m not even close to being fully rehabbed despite hours of physical therapy, massage, chiropractor, acupuncture and neurology appointments.

As you can imagine, this has made life a little difficult. And even more than the physical limitations, it’s depressing. Anyone who has had to complete physical therapy exercises can relate that it’s hard to make time for them and it’s hard to stay motivated. The progress is extremely slow and the injury can be pretty painful at times.

When I start to feel sorry for myself, I try to remind myself that it could be way worse. And all signs are pointing to an eventual recovery. In the meantime, I just try to stay positive and keep focused.


ten reasons I hate my blackberry.

  1. I do not understand why they bother having a web browser app (or any app for that matter) because trying to view a website is a slow and frustrating task. I swear it takes minutes to pull up a website. No thanks. I’d rather chew my arm off.
  2. There is absolutely no “cool” factor to it. In fact, I think I probably get negative “cool points” for having one.
  3. Blackberry should have gone out of business 5 years ago. Given the current mobile technology, it’s WAY behind the times. My guess is that corporate companies (like mine) keep blackberry in business. WHY?!?!
  4. I have major app envy. Pandora, word with friends, amazon, skype, allrecipes…sigh…in my dreams.
  5. It drops calls like crazy. I understand that this could be a network problem but I know other people who have the same network and their phones don’t drop calls.
  6. It’s embarrassing to have one. When out in public, I try to keep mine concealed as much as possible. I might as well be carrying around a walk-man.
  7. The ONLY thing that it’s good for is checking my work email and frankly that’s just not good enough.
  8. Design-wise it’s the most hideous, clunky piece of technology ever. I’d rank it right up there with the Zack Morris cell phone.
  9. The camera is a total piece.
  10. Because I’m so frustrated with Blackberry’s limited functionality, I’m think I’m going to have to buck-up and get a second phone or a tablet. Currently, I’m debating between the ipad 3 or the Samsung galaxy 7.7 tab. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them!


I have not posted in SO long, I feel so guilty. And there is simply no excuse. I don’t even know where to begin. Here we go…

  • Only 10 weeks left of being pregnant. I’m getting pretty big and sleep is starting to become a challenge. Overall, the pregnancy has been a breeze. I feel SO lucky! One small blip (at least I’m hoping it’s small), is that my white blood cell count has been elevated for the past month or so. Usually, a high WBC count would indicate some kind of infection, but I feel fine and have no signs of infection. It’s got the doctors stumped and me a little worried. They are sending my results to a hematologist this week to see if they have any useful insights.  
  • We had Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year. It was delicious and tons of fun. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving.
  •  This week is my golden birthday; I turn 30 on the 30th. I decided I’m going to have a much bigger celebration next year for my 31st, since the pregnancy has really put a damper on my drinking.
  • The nursery is coming along nicely. I’ve never put so much thought and effort into decorating a room. But it’s worth it – it’s looking great!  I want her to feel welcomed and have a nice space. Plus, it gives me something to focus on rather than freaking out about the upcoming delivery incessantly.
  • We bought a car – finally! As some of you know, neither of us had “kid friendly” vehicles. I drove a 2 door Honda (not ideal for schlepping a car seat in and out) and Derek drove a 2 door Toyota Tacoma truck.  After a long and thorough search, we ended up with the perfect vehicle for us! Now we just need to sell Derek’s truck!
  • Recently someone asked me if I was going to stay home with my baby. When I said that the baby would be going into daycare after 6 months, this person proceeded to tell me what a bad idea it was because I’m going to miss so much. Gee, I never thought of that. Thanks. I’ll just crawl into a hole and cry myself to sleep.
  •  We started Wednesday Night Dinners a few weeks ago, and it’s been awesome! I LOVE eating. 🙂


96 days until we have a baby! Ok, probably not exactly 96 days, but 96 days until my due date. It’s getting so close I can barely stand it! I hope she’s doing ok. I’m so excited to meet her.


i’m THAT lamo.

I distinctly remember when the Fugees came out with the song “Killing me Softly”. I think it was the summer between 7th and 8th grade and I LOVED it (like play-it-on-repeat “loved it”).  Every time it came on the radio, every adult would say “oh, this version is not nearly as good as the original”. Unfailingly. And I’d roll my eyes and think, “You’re so lame. That version is so old school, you don’t know anything.”

Someone has made the unfortunate decision to remake the movie “Footloose”. I haven’t seen it, but based on the LAME movie trailer, I can pretty much guarantee that it pales in comparison to the original version. And there you have it. I’ve become one of THOSE people. Old.  It reminds me of the day I made a causal reference to the movie “Clueless” and my stepsister (who is only 8 or 9 years younger than me) looked at me with a complete blank stare. She’d never seen “Clueless”. Excuse me? Isn’t that a classic? That’s like saying you’ve never seen “The Sound of Music”. Just call me the lame, old lady.

On a completely unrelated note, I just realized that my last two posts have been about movie trailers. I think this is a sign I’m watching too much TV, or I need to buck up for DVR.


bloody mary.

I’m a pretty grounded person.  I don’t harbor a ton of childish or illogical fears (clowns, witches, vampires, monsters, etc). My fears center around life and how it will unfold. I’m scared of becoming old, helpless, lonely and irrelevant. I’m fearful that my loved ones will get sick. I’m nervous I won’t be a good mom. You get the gist.

That being said, I have a completely irrational fear of looking into mirrors in the dark. I know it’s ridiculous. To this day, I still avoid looking at a mirror when the lights are out. I attribute this fear to two events in my childhood. 1) My cousins used to try to “reach” their dead brother by locking themselves (and me) in the bathroom, turning off the lights and calling his name. 2) The kids in my elementary school were obsessed with Bloody Mary. The older kids would turn off the lights in the bathroom when the younger kids were in there and would start chanting “bloody mary” (3x of course). Ummmm….scary? I think so.

This irrational fear has recently resurfaced because there is a movie trailer on tv with two little girls saying “bloody mary” in the mirror, and then a dark figure appears. OMG.  I’m freaking out just thinking about it. PLEASE make it stop!!


not bakers.

So, Derek and I have been craving cookies. Last weekend, he made some. Nothing fancy, just chocolate chip cookies. We got the recipe from one of our cookbooks. They tasted so bad, we threw them all away. Seriously.

So, yesterday I tried to redeem us. I just used the recipe from the back of the chocolate chip bag. They don’t taste horrible, but they are the ugliest cookies I’ve ever seen in my life. I almost can’t eat them because they are so visually unappealing.

Why can’t we make a decent batch of cookies?!?!? This is not rocket science, it’s not like we’re trying to bake a chocolate souffle or anything tricky. And it’s not like we’re new to the kitchen. I guess we’re just not bakers.




I never thought it would ACTUALLY end. But it did. Oprah is actually off the air. In the past, I think I may have given the impression that I “hate” her. I don’t. I’m just really bored with her – same show different year. I feel the same way about political commercials during an election year. Boring. Played out. And a little predictable.

What WILL all those faithful, crazed Oprah fans do without her?!?! Maybe they’ll actually think for themselves.


guilty pleasure.

Tonight I made Mac & Cheese. Out of a box. With a side of sweet pickles.

For some reason it just makes me laugh.


three things that bug me…

1)      The volume level on commercials. Why do they increase the volume so much on commercials? It’s so irritating!

2)      Segways. Why don’t people just get electric wheelchairs?

3)      The Mariner’s alternate jersey. It looks so weird.


last week.

I was pathetic last week. I didn’t blog. I only worked out once. I ate horribly. Monday and Tuesday I came home from work and napped. <<Cringe>> I’m feeling a tad guilty. I’m hoping this week will be better!



I’m not sure most people would know this about me, but I can easily be brought to tears. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “crier” but I am easily moved. If I see something overly happy or sad, I tear up. A tv show, a song, a movie, even commercials. Remember the show E.R.? I had to stop watching it because the episode where Dr. Greene died was so traumatic. The old cotton commercials…forget about it. “The touch, the feel of cotton. The fabric of our lives.”

Well, I think I’ve topped myself. I was watching The Office on OnDemand this weekend and I starting crying. And I’m not even obsessed with that show like most people. If it’s on, I’ll watch it. But I certainly don’t go out of my way to watch it. I thought it was supposed to be a freakin comedy! It was the episode where Michael moves to Denver. It was SO sad. Anyone???


how lucky am I?

In the last two weeks, my husband has…

– Re-decked our upstairs patio with beautiful cedar.
– Cooked a beef brisket to perfection.
– Taught himself how to build a computer…ordered all the parts, and then built it…and it works!

Jealous? Ummm, I know. I hit the freakin’ husband jackpot! After more than 10 years, he STILL impresses me!



From: Kindra
Date:  4/18/2011 8:34pm
Subject: LeMond Revmast Spin Bike ($450)

Hi there!
I saw your ad on craigslist, do you still have the spin bike? I was about to buy a spin bike on Amazon, but I’d rather buy a used one (reduce, reuse, recycle!). I’ve only got $250 to spend on a bike, and I know this is half of what you’re asking, but I thought I’d at least email to see if you’re interested. Let me know if this is something you could do, if not, no big deal!


Date: 4/18/2011 9:35pm
To: Kindra
Subject: Re: LeMond Revmast Spin Bike ($450)

Its still available. Not gonna talk price until U take a look first.

From: Kindra
Date:  4/18/2011 10:05pm
Subject: Re: LeMond Revmast Spin Bike ($450)

Not gonna talk about coming to take a look until U let me know if this price will work for U.

Date: 4/18/2011 10:19pm
To: Kindra
Subject: Re: LeMond Revmast Spin Bike ($450)

How nice….u want @ ur price & on ur terms…..& it’s my bike. Did U wantme to wash ur car as well?

From: Kindra
Date:  4/18/2011 10:44pm
Subject: Re: LeMond Revmast Spin Bike ($450)

Well, I don’t mind washing my car, but if you wouldn’t mind…it does need to be vacuumed.

Settle down! I just don’t want to waste my time or yours if you aren’t in my price range. It’s not a big deal. I will get one off Amazon.

What a JERK. You can see from my first email that I was really nice and immediately his first response is short, curt and riddled with horrible grammar. I was trying to make fun of him in my second email with the “U” and the “ur”, but I don’t think he got it.  If I could hit rewind and do it again, I would have responded with the following:


Just because your name sucks, don’t take it out on me. Why would I waste my time looking at the bike if you aren’t going to be flexible with the price? It’s pointless.

Just a tip, using ridiculous abbreviations and poor grammar is only acceptable if you’re a 4th grader or you’re sexting. It’s not ok for a grown man to write this: “Its still available. Not gonna talk price until U take a look first.” There are at least three mistakes in your response! Also, an earthlink email address? Why don’t you join us in the 21st century and get a real email address. Let me guess, you still use AOL as your web browser?

Good luck selling your bike, ASS.

Hehehe. I would never send an email like that, but it sure would be funny if I did. P.S. – I don’t really think the name Don sucks, I was just trying to think of mean things to say. I also don’t mind abbreviations in moderation. Oh, and the “DonX” is not really the first part of his email.


wednesday night dinners.

As many of you know, in the fall, winter and spring, we have Wednesday Night Dinners (WND) with our friends Stacy and Andre. The concept started because the winters around here are so depressing and we wanted something to look forward to during the week. Basically, we alternate cooking dinners for eachother every Wednesday. It’s safe to say that we’ve sharpened our cooking and eating skills! I have to admit, I’m a little sad that we’ve just finished season 3 (our third year of WND), and we’re moving into the season finales. For the season finales, each couple chooses their favorite dinner that the other couple made. Season Finale Part 1 is this Saturday at Stacy and Andre’s house. For our last supper, we chose their April 6th dinner. I promise to post photos of the two upcoming Season Finales, but in the meantime I thought you might want to see all of the meals we made this year. Derek and I got much more creative as the season went on! Also, click on the following links for last year’s season final #1 dinner and season finale #2 dinner.

Thanks Stacy and Dre for a great season!



I’d like to preface this post with the following:

1)      I am not the Grinch. I do have a heart.

2)      Growing up we had two dogs, Sammy and Trixie Melin.

3)      In 3rd grade, I was walking to my piano teacher’s house for my lesson and a big, stray, black dog latched onto my ass and bit me. When my piano teacher’s husband found out, he marched out of the house with his rifle and shot the dog.

4)      To be clear, I do not hate dogs. I like dogs. I hate dog owners who are stupid.

I am sure that I’m going to get slaughtered with hate mail for this post, but I don’t care. Here it goes. I really wish people would be more considerate and not force their dogs on me. There is a reason why I don’t own a dog, I don’t want one. Here is my list of grievances.

1)      Fenced dogs that bark all day while the owners are at work. Could there be anything more obnoxious and nerve-rattling? Why do I have to listen to your dog bark all day?

2)      Owners who think that the “All dogs must be leashed” signs don’t apply to them. Umm…can you read? Inevitably, the unleashed dog heads right for me. The owners smile and say, “Oh, he’s friendly.” Thanks. I didn’t ask. The sign doesn’t say “All unfriendly dogs must be leashed.”

3)      Pooping dogs. It is so awkward when you’re walking down the sidewalk and a dog is taking giant dump right next to it. It’s just gross and totally awkward. I don’t want to watch ANYTHING take a huge crap. And I know the owners are embarrassed too because they always avert their eyes and pretend to be really interested in the nearby shrubbery. EWW. And then they have to pick it up in a baggie and you know it’s still warm. EWWW.

4)      Dogs in grocery stores or restaurants (service dogs aside). This is just completely unacceptable and wrong on so many levels. First of all, I don’t want to smell wet dog or hear barking while I’m picking out my produce thank you very much. Second of all, I think it’s dangerous. What if I’m allegoric to dogs? Or what if your dog bites a child? It’s becoming so common in Seattle that I’m tempted to get into a fight with a dog at Safeway so that I can sue the hell out of Safeway. Then they’ll have to change (or start enforcing) their dog policies.

And Ams, I DO brake for puppies! 🙂


girl’s weekend.

I know I promised that my next post was going to be about Oprah and angry travelers, but I started to write it and I got so fired up, I had to stop. So, new plan. I’m going to write about my weekend in Scottsdale, AZ with my mom and sis. Every year we escape to the sun for a girl’s weekend and we always have the BEST time doing a whole lot of nothing! As you can imagine, there was a lot of talking, eating, drinking cocktails, playing cards, drinking coffee and laughing. As it turns out, there wasn’t quite enough sunscreen or water (I came back a little sunburned and needing water)! I am so lucky to have a mom and sister who I enjoy spending time with! They are the best!


thank goodness.

I must say, I’ve never been happier for Sunday to come around. Last week was one of the worst weeks ever. I’m really ready to start a new week – fresh.

  • Monday I had undoubtedly the worst day of my professional career. I made a big mistake. I didn’t make the initial mistake, but I contributed to it and should have caught it. It was my responsibility to catch it and I didn’t. I’m not going to get into the details, because frankly, I’m tired of thinking about it, but it was bad news. It was one of those knock-the-wind-out-of-you, wake-me-up-from this-nightmare, is-this-really-happening moments. Luckily I work with some really amazing people, and everyone rallied.
  • Due to some technical difficulties, I couldn’t start p90x last week, but now I’m all set and ready to go now! Tomorrow I start!
  • I’ve been having headaches, so I went to the eye doctor. Turns out, I’m nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. Perfect. Thanks. How does that even happen??
  • I’m fighting allergies or a cold. It’s more annoying than anything and I’m really tired of sneezing. I always get nervous when I’m having a sneeze attack while I’m driving. I always feel like I’m going to get in an accident. Anyone else?

There are a few other things that happened this week, but they aren’t mine to share. So I won’t. All in all, the stress-o-meter has just been running too high. Sorry to be such a whiny blogger tonight. I promise I won’t make a habit of it. Luckily, today marks the start of a new week!

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