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where did it go?

There is a distinct point in everyone’s life where you realize they were right. You never thought the day would come. Up until this point, you didn’t understand. You couldn’t relate. When the topic arose, you’d smile and nod in agreement, but not really comprehend the concept. Despite all logic and your brain telling you it would, you never ACTUALLY thought it would happen to you. It’s what happens to other people.

And then it does and you realize they were right. All of the sudden, you get it. It hits you like a ton of bricks. Time DOES fly by. It DOES feel like only yesterday. And I’m no spring chicken.

My moment of realization came last week as I was getting ready for my 10 year high school reunion and it about knocked the flat iron right out of my little hands. It seems impossible that I’ve been out of high school for a decade. How is this happening? Girlfriends, boyfriends, prom, volleyball, powder-puff football, lacrosse, dances, slumber parties, drivers licenses and generally feeling like an invincible bad-ass. It feels like it was only a couple years ago, but not TEN. Ten years is a long time. It’s not necessarily that I’m saying I’m old or that I don’t want to get old. It’s that I’ve had the realization that I WILL get old and that I’m on my way. It’s kind of sad and disappointing. I imagine this is how I felt when I learned about Santa. Although given the fact that I don’t remember that, I’d say this is worse.


fun in the kitchen.

Three new items that I used over the weekend and that I’m LOVING…

–          Kitchen Aid Immersion Hand Blender. This thing is AWESOME. It’s solid and super sexy. Easy cleanup. Quiet. Making soups will never be the same! I’m trying to think of excuses to use it. It sounds ridiculous, but when I was using it yesterday I swear Derek got jealous!

–          Calphalon stainless steel pots and plans set. I was a little anxious about this one because I was nervous I’d burn everything. I’ve read a lot about how they are significantly more heat sensitive than the non-stick stuff. I’m reserving the right to change my mind because I’ve only used them a couple times…but so far they kick ass.

–          Le Creuset Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set. I got these as a shower gift and I didn’t even know that I wanted them. I’m. In. Love. They are blue, and really heavy, and beautiful. The best way to describe them is timeless. They make me feel like my culinary possibilities are endless.  I hope someday when I’m long gone, my kids will see a set in a store window, and think of me.


wedding slideshow.

Our photographer (Jennifer Tai) put together this great slideshow of our big day. I absolutely LOVE it, and I thought I’d share. Turn on your volume because there is sound.


so fresh and so clean.

Is there ANYTHING better than a clean house? I mean seriously. I spent all morning and the first part of the afternoon cleaning, throwing away, putting stuff on craigslist, organizing, etc. and I honestly feel at peace. People, I can’t stress enough how happy I am about this! I’ve been feeling a certain level of anxiety, and I’m pretty sure it was because my apartment was a disaster. It’s weird, because I don’t seem to care about my office or car being clean, but my home…YES! I’m not one of those people that like the ACT of cleaning, it’s the final product that I crave. Order. Cleanliness. Peace. Everything in its place. It’s glorious. If you need me, I’ll be at home. Enjoying my clean apartment.

**On a side note, the guy upstairs has a Golden Retriever and a Boston terrier up there right now. Claws on hardwood floors. Barking. Chaos. This could seriously put a damper on my love affair with my apartment.

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