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I be workin’ on my fitness.

I thought I’d give a little update on our workout game. It’s been 4 weeks, and so far I’ve only had to put $5 in the pot! I feel pretty good about that.


what do you think it means…

What do you think it means when 5 times a week I get so angry at other drivers that I visualize following them home and punching out all their windows?

A. I need to relax and take a deep breath.

B.  I drive like a grandma.

C. I am the most defensive driver on the planet.

D.  There are a lot of bad drivers out there.

E.  I must make Derek drive the rest of the time.


more girl fun.

A few more photos from the weekend. These came from a different camera and seem to be the “action shots”. Click here for more.

Having fun!

We want another shot!

A little pre-party at our place.

Strike a pose!

So cute!

Waiting for a cab at the end of the night.

I can’t resist recording a few of my favorite moments/quotes. I don’t really expect anyone to understand them, but I want to document them so someday when I’m old and married and decrepit, I can look back and remember all the fun we had.

*** “You know…touching me isn’t going to get you inside there any faster.” – Sara

***Scene: Stan doing a riverdance impression.

Kindra says to the woman next to her, “You know, she’s a trained professional.”

Woman says in awe, “I know. It’s just beautiful!”

*** I’d like to honor Ashley with two awards “inventor of the best photo game in the history of the world” as well as “Queen of tequila”.

*** Some guy ran up to me, grabbed my boob, kissed my cheek, and ran away. And instead of just telling the story, I promptly reenacted it on my sister. Ha! Cuz who wouldn’t want a visual?

*** Shelby taking shots of jager. I’m not sure I’ll ever witness it again! You go girl!

*** “I’m a personal injury lawyer, and sir, that bathroom is a lawsuit waiting to happen.” – Ams

***Getting interrogated at the border and our car getting searched.

***And who could forget all of the tequila. I’m pretty sure I consumed more tequila in two nights than I have in the entire last 5 years of my life.

***Stacy gets the “dance till you drop” award for dancing all night long and for dancing on my command! I can ALWAYS count on her to dance the night away!

***She be up in the club, just workin on her fitness. Kindralicious.

*** Erin gets the best shopper award for her excellent shopping skills as displayed by the six-shooter belt, the veil, the future mrs. Reeves t-shirt, and most importantly her new north face jacket.

*** “Maybe you can wear that apron at the next Wednesday night dinner”


***Stan finally got challenged to a dance-off, but she didn’t have her coat on, so she couldn’t perform the move she’s been preparing for years for such an occasion.


all the pretty ladies…

Here are pics from our big weekend in Whistler! Click here for more photos!


Doe – a deer – a female deer.

I had the BEST bachelorette party ever this weekend in Whistler. Ever. In the history of the world. It was so much fun! I am so lucky to have such great friends (and a sis). We drank, we ate, we dressed-up and we danced! I really want to post pics, but we are having some technical difficulties. You can expect pics to be posted no later than a week from today – hopefully sooner. Thanks again girls, I had so much fun!  You really know how to treat a stagette*.

*The Canadians call bachelorette parties, “stagette parties”. I thought it sounded a little masculine so I changed to to “doe-ette party”.



I don’t think I’m a particularly selfish person; however, there is one thing I tend to be really selfish with. I horde it to myself and absolutely hate to part with it. Derek is pretty giving with his. In fact, sometimes it frustrates me how much he shares his with others. Sometimes he shares so much he doesn’t leave enough for us!  I kind of hate to admit it about myself, because it makes me sound like an ice queen. But it’s true. And I’m afraid it’s getting worse with age.

Any guesses what it is?

My time.


four days or else you’ll pay.

A few work friends and I are starting a 3 month workout incentive program that we invented called, “Four days or else you’ll pay”. This program is designed to push us into working out that fourth day. As many of you know, working out three days per week is pretty easy. But working out that fourth day is really, really hard.

Here’s how it works. From now until August 1st, each of us has to work out four days per week. We keep track by using stickers on a calendar….because really, who doesn’t love stickers?!? At the end of the week, we each owe $5 for every day we didn’t workout four times. For example, if I only exercised three times during the week, I’d owe $5 to the pot. If I didn’t workout at all during the week, I’d owe $20. We collect the money weekly and at the end of it, we celebrate together (with drinks and food of course…we have to negate all that exercising)!

Today marked the end of our first week, and I’m proud to say that I’m rocking four stickers!

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