the list.

Anyone who has planned a wedding, can tell you that the HARDEST part is finalizing the guest invite list. Choosing a venue, selecting the caterer, writing the vows….all a cake-walk (or pie-walk in our case), compared to deciding who to invite. It’s excruciating.

It should be an easy decision. Make a list of the people you want to see when you’re walking down the aisle. But it’s complicated. Really complicated.  There are many factors to consider. How many people does the venue hold? What is the budget? How much fall-out will you have?  Where do you draw the line? Which family do you invite? Do you invite small kids (btw – our caterer doesn’t give a discount for kids – it’s highway robbery!). Do you allow everyone to bring a guest (even if they aren’t in a committed relationship)? What about coworkers?

Inevitably there will be hurt feelings (mine not excluded).

1 Response to “the list.”

  1. February 2, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Okay- maybe crazy making; but how about a small, intimate, truly loved ones, wedding party (= caterer=venue=$$$)and a totally different event, bigger, free-for-all that’s for everyone, but just snackie stuff and punch. Music by someone with a nice mobile stereo system, kids running around, dancing, laughing, totally not so serious. You put your dress back on and have a greeting line, decorate the tables, but everything’s much more relaxed. We have been to dozens of these receptions, and it’s fun!Relaaaaax, and remember: they are YOUR memories- to thine own self… 🙂

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