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i’m back.

Sorry for the unannounced absence last week! I was up in Alaska for work – saw some cool stuff (prehistoric bones, gold-dredge number 8, dahl sheep, 4 moose, lots of REALLY old cars, and other stuff I can’t remember). Derek was supposed to be my guest blogger…but he forgot. Hope everyone had a good week!


quick fix.

I thought I would share my new favorite quick fix week-night dinner. I honestly can’t get enough of it. It’s easy, relatively healthy, inexpensive and most importantly, it’s delicious!  I’m estimating the entire dinner costs less than $14 for two people and takes about 30 minutes (but 20 of that is marinating and boiling). What is this miracle dinner?  Drumroll please….

Grilled Portabella Mushrooms (marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, canola oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, sugar and fresh rosemary-if you have it. Marinate time: 20 minutes; Grill time: 10 minutes.)

Spinach Salad (baby spinach, grape tomatoes cut in half, diced red onion, walnut pieces, goat cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and spinach salad dressing warmed up. Mix the salad up.)

Potatoes (we like red potatoes, but any kind will do)

Try it. You won’t be disappointed. The meal just happens to be vegetarian, but it doesn’t seem like it because the portabellas are so meaty!

Tip: Don’t buy your portabellas from the grocery store – they are really overpriced. Try a local produce market or farmer’s market. We paid roughly $1.50 per mushroom at Pike Place Market.


you know you’re a grown-up when…

This is a game Derek and I were playing this weekend. Feel free to add your own.

You know you’re a grown-up when…

…you wake up on Monday morning and there is still booze in the house.

…you brag about your garden.

….the only opportunity you have to dance is at weddings.

…the event of the weekend is hosting a “bonfire”.

…you go to more bridal showers than keggers.

…the quality of liquor becomes more important than the quantity.

…your idea of a good vacation doesn’t involve your entire fraternity.

…you spend thousands of dollars a year dying your hair the RIGHT color.

…you find yourself relating to your parents.

…you meet a 30-year-old and don’t think “Dang, that guy is old.”

…you drink more coffee than booze.

…you share a bank account with someone other than your parents.

…a quiet night at home is not considered a punishment.

…you spend hundreds of dollars every year hosting dinner parties.

…when you’re awake at 6:00am and it isn’t because you’ve been up all night.


white female seeking…

…Thailand travel tips and tennis lessons.

So, if anyone has any info on either topic – please send it my way!


hall monitors.

There is nothing more annoying to me than self-proclaimed police officers. I’m not talking about REAL police officers, I’m talking about the people who take it upon themselves to police the rest of the world. Let’s call them “hall monitors”. You know what I’m talking about! People who have no authority to be bossing others around, except their own conviction. That’s not a parking spot. You were driving too fast. That’s against the rules. Bla bla bla. Hall monitors have nothing better to do than boss the rest of us around – MEGA rule followers and generally tattle-tales.

In my experience, hall monitors tend to migrate to specific jobs. They quickly become frustrated that they don’t have the “official authority” to boss people around, so they seek jobs that give them the authority. For example, meter maids, judges, ferry workers, border patrol, and yes, police officers. I’m not saying that ALL people in these occupations fit into this category, but these jobs give the hall monitors “official authority” to do what they love. Why don’t they just mind their own business?!?! We aren’t hurting you hall monitor – back off!


workout update.

The results are in! As you may remember, I signed up for personal training a few months ago. It turns out my hard work is paying off. I’ve been at it for about 10 weeks (although there was a 2-3 week break in there due to vacation and being sick). Last week was measurement week.

Waste: slimmed down by 1.5”

Thighs: slimmed down by 1” on each

Arms: slimmed down by 0.5” on each

Chest: slimmed down by 1” (I’m not that excited about this one)

And lost 7 lbs!


all in a name.

I don’t mean to make light of a global epidemic, but I think that half the hype surrounding swine flu is a result of the name. The name conjures up images of humans growing snouts and sprouting wiry pig tails. Remember in Pinocchio when he’s at Pleasure Island and the kids start turning into donkeys? That is the image I get in my head when I hear “swine flu” (on a side note, that part of the movie was really creepy now that I think about it).

Had this same virus been called “influenza type 19” or “blue sky flu” nobody would have cared. But because it’s called “swine flu” people are freaking out and Egypt has unnecessarily slaughtered 300,000 pigs. Think about it. Mono can be a pretty bad virus, but I practically want to get it because it’s called “The Kissing Disease”.  Sounds kind of nice. Maple Syrup Urine Disease – YES PLEASE!

Yellow Fever. Pink Eye. Ringworm. Small pox. Mad Cow Disease. I rest my case.


patio garden.

This weekend we went to the Annual Edible Plant Sale put on by Seattle Tilth. I swear, every hippy in Seattle was there – sleuthing through the pouring rain to find their plants. They had tons of edibles in many interesting varieties. I will definitely be going back next year!

This year, our patio garden will include:

  • 2 varieties of onions
  • 2 varieties of basil
  • 5 tomato plants
  • 2 cilantro plants
  • 5 different kinds of lettuce
  • 2 chive plants
  • 1 jalapeño plant
  • Many sugar pea plants
  • Spearmint
  • An herb that smells like lemon – I can’t remember the name
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

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