updates are in order.

Updates updates updates.  I am so sorry for being so blogsent – here are some much needed updates.

1)    Cruise – Two weeks ago we went on a cruise with my mom, stepdad, sister, Derek and three stepsiblings. We had a great time!! We were on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise that stopped in Ocho Rios Jamaica, Cozumel Mexico and Grand Cayman. We were onboard the brand new Ruby Princess and she’s a beaut.  For me, the highlight of the trip was swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel – it was so much fun! I’ll post a few photos of our trip later this week.

2)    Derek- After months of hard work and a few sleepless nights, Derek presented his final project. He’s DONE WITH SCHOOL!! Yes, that’s right. He’s now the proud owner of a Bachelor’s Degree of Landscape Architecture. It’s such an amazing accomplishment; I’m so proud of him.

3)    The Surprise – To celebrate Derek’s big accomplishment, I took him out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and gave him his graduation present. It was a Thai travel book with two plane tickets to Bangkok slipped into it!! Yep, we are going to go to Thailand and I actually pulled off a good surprise. He was shocked and we are both CRAZY excited. I’m pretty sure I secured the “girlfriend of the year” award with this one. If you have any Thailand tips, please send them my way!

4)    Sick – I think I’ve finally recovered from the sickness. Thank goodness!

5)    First Communion – The triplets had their first communion this weekend. They were so freaking cute – I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw them. They are growing up so fast; it makes me feel old, old, old.

6)    John Adams – This weekend I finished watching the HBO mini-series: John Adams. I loved it and highly recommend it. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney were so amazing.

7)     Random question – Do people think in a specific language? For example, are your thoughts in English? Do Hispanics think in Spanish? Do thoughts have a language? Derek and I have been discussing this tonight – and I was just wondering if anyone has anything interesting to say on the subject.

1 Response to “updates are in order.”

  1. 1 KS
    April 20, 2009 at 7:06 am

    It’s funny cause any time I’m traveling and am in a country where English isn’t the official spoken language, I always want to default to German, cause it’s “foreign”, right and maybe people will understand me, right…totally wrong. But Kevin said the same thing happened to him while he was recently in Italy—he couldn’t help but want to try to communicate with Spanish because he was supposed to be speaking something non-English. And when I’m in Persian class and I’m struggling to spreak, again I want to default to German, because again, I’m supposed to be speaking something foreign. Every now and then I dream in fluent German, which is totally bizarro.

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