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see ya!

I’m headed out on vacation. See ya…wouldn’t want to be ya. Ha – bet you haven’t heard that one in awhile.


best flight attendant ever.

You may have already seen this, but it just cracks me up. I love this guy. I would be SO happy if I boarded my plane and he was my flight attendant. So creative!

FYI – you need your volume on for this video.



Last night we watched the documentary Jonestown: The Life and Death of the People’s Temple. For those of you who don’t know, this is the true story of Jim Jones and the largest single loss of American life in a non-natural disaster (until the incidents of September 11th). More than 900 people died by drinking cyanide-laced kool-aid. The story is completely insane – and it baffles my mind.

The film led to a discussion about groupthink – and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all day. It gives me chills to think about the atrocities that can (and have) occurred because of it. I can’t begin to understand it. How can people so fully lose their sense of self and surrender their lives to someone or something?

It’s easy to condemn and judge others for their lack of character and strength in these situations, but to a certain extent, we all fall victim to groupthink at one point or another. Groups are very powerful and have been proven to have huge influences on individuals (mob rule, social conformity, band wagon effect, group polarization, etc.). Of course, the People’s Temple suicide/murder is a very extreme example of groupthink, but lesser examples exist all around us: peer pressure, religion, politics, gangs, etc. Did you ever sit idle while someone else was being unfairly harassed or teased? Have you ever withheld your opinion because you knew it was different from everyone else’s in the room? Do you believe in every doctrine your church preaches? Do you emulate popular fashions?  Are you obsessed with Oprah? All forms of groupthink.

Groupthink – it’s a freaky thing. Why are some people more susceptible than others? How can some of us distinguish relatively harmless groupthink versus damning and destructive groupthink? Or maybe there is no such thing as harmless groupthink.  I’m not sure.

If you haven’t seen the documentary, it’s pretty good. That Jim Jones was a nut case!


hummus please?

Does anyone out there in the blogosphere have a good hummus recipe? I have tried several recipes and can’t find one that I like. Help!


the devil went down to georgia

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special treat tonight. It’s been five years since their last performance, but they are better than ever. It was well worth the wait. This dynamic duo has a special place in my heart because they performed at my 21st birthday and now they are back for Stan Brownlee’s 25th birthday. Put your hands together for Johnny W and the Fancy Fiddler!

A couple things you need to know before watching this video:

  • You need to turn your computer volume on for this.
  • They are a little rusty for the first minute, but by the end of the song they really ROCK IT OUT. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  • Yes, I am related to these two!!

a buyer’s market.

Graduate high school. <check>

Move out. <check>

Graduate college. <check>

Get a job. <check x3>

Meet the man of your dreams. <check>

Get engaged and married. <anxiously waiting>

Buy a house. <eeeek>

For so many years, I was discouraged by the Seattle housing market. Values were increasing like crazy and bidding wars were the norm. There was this sense of urgency to “break into the market”. If you could just get in, then your home value would increase and you’d be able to sell two years later for a decent profit. It was completely outside of my reach.

Fast forward to today. Values are decreasing and many homes are sitting on the market for months. It’s FINALLY a buyer’s market. I obsessively check redfin to monitor prices and new listings. The problem is…that I’m not quite ready for it! I need to save some money first, but I’m scared that I’m going to miss the window. Practical Kindra is telling me to be patient, save my money and wait until I’m absolutely ready. Risk-taker Kindra is telling me that we are “in it to win it” and that the early bird gets the worm. There will never be a perfect time; act now. As you can see, I’ve got a heated internal battle going on inside me!

Drama queen? I think so. Ok, so I’ve overdramatized this a tad, but you get the point. I can’t help but think about these things and I don’t want to miss my opportunity. I work hard and eventually I deserve to own a home. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Unfortunately, patience is not my strong suit.

On a side note, typing out that list at the top of the post made me sick to my stomach. Can you say predictable and boring?! Of course, context is everything and I was trying to make a point. I could also write a list of all the fun, amazing and unconventional things I’ve done. Even so, I’m still feeling a little nauseous. I think I’ll go shave my head or take up the cello or something.



You know when you are walking straight towards someone and you end up doing the excuse-me-dance? You both are trying to get out of each other’s way, and you both end up going in the same direction, and then you both switch back. Again and again. It’s kind of funny, right?

Well today I was at Target, happily minding my own business when I encountered a very large, big-headed, bald man (you’ll see why these details are crucial in a moment). We were heading straight for each other down an aisle and we ended up doing the excuse-me-dance.  No big deal…or so I thought! The man passes by me and says, “Fucking Pinhead”.  Seriously? Was that really necessary? I’m sorry that you wasted a nano-second on me doing the excuse-me-dance but I don’t think name calling is in order.  And ok, I know I have a small head, but I don’t think you should be commenting on anyone’s head.  Dude, your head was freakishly large and insanely reflective. There was a split second where I imagined myself turning around and running full steam into him and tackling him to the ground while screaming “fat-head jerk!!!!”  Instead I walked away fuming and wondering why he was imposing his bad mood on everyone else.


this is me.

I’ve spent the last thirty minutes trying to dream-up something to blog about. And I’m going to be honest – I’ve got nothing. Crickets over here.  Absolutely nothing. The weird part is that I feel guilty about it. I feel guilty about not posting on my own blog – like I just skipped class or something. WTF?!? Why do I do this to myself? I turn something that’s supposed to be fun and relaxing into a nagging obligation. It’s SOOO me. I have this innate ability to turn any task stressful because I can’t possibly miss an opportunity to put pressure on myself.  Sometimes, there just isn’t anything to blog about. No need to stress about it.

This is me. I’m neurotic – I can’t help it.


who knew?

My entire life I have hated Brussels sprouts – hated them. Even as an adult I have tried them several times hoping to change my mind. No luck, until two weeks ago. One evening I came home from the gym to find Derek cooking something up. It smelled so good my mouth immediately started watering! I was promptly disappointed to find out he was cooking Brussels sprouts. Ew.  But they smelled so good I had to try one. To my surprise THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Honestly, it shocked the heck out of me! We’ve had them twice since then and are planning on making them again this week.

If you hate Brussels sprouts, try this. Cut them in half and remove any loose leaves. Melt butter in a sauté pan; add Brussels sprouts flat side down. Cook for roughly 5 minutes on medium heat.  Brussels sprouts should be just barely tender at this point and slightly browned on the flat side.  Drizzle butter, lemon juice, crushed garlic, salt and pepper over top. Sauté for another 5-10 minutes on medium heat allowing them to caramelize. Don’t flip.  Do not let them get mushy. Sprouts should be golden brown and caramelized on flat side. Enjoy!



mission ridge.

We went skiing this weekend at Mission Ridge with my dad, stepmom and the triplets. We had a great time – here are a few photos!






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