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In case you haven’t noticed, I gave my blog a makeover! New colors, new layout, new look! I also updated my blogroll, added a new page, and updated my books page (which was seriously out of date).

What do you think of the new look?


pity party turned ok.

I wrote this today at the beginning of my lunch break (I find it soothing and helpful to write out my feelings when I’m frustrated):

I’ve been having a pity party for myself all day long. I’ve been on the verge of tears since I woke up and no matter how hard I try, I can’t put on a happy face. I’m having a hard time seeing the bright side of things even though rationally, I know everything is fine and dandy. Despite my best effort, I can’t rally. I’m spent.

At the time I wrote this, I had no hopes of my day turning around. I didn’t think it was possible. So, I IM’d Derek and asked if he wanted to meet for lunch…and he did. By the time lunch was over and I was walking back to work, I was cured! Complete attitude reset. I’m so relieved – I hate having bad days – they are too exhausting.


airplane etiquette.

Ok, I know this is a random post, but I’m always amazed at how rude and thoughtless people are on airplanes. I’m not going to rant or rave, but I am going to provide a few in-flight tips. I realize that this is common knowledge for 99.9% of you (because any person with half a brain or an iota of self-awareness wouldn’t have to be told), but I thought I’d post just in case someone in that 0.1% stumbles upon my blog.

  • If your feet stink, do not take your shoes off. You stinky feet people know who you are. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that nobody else can smell them – everyone can. It’s disguising. Repulsive actually.
  • If you are watching a movie or playing a video game, use headphones. Not everyone wants to hear Mario Kart for DS (although I don’t deny that it’s a fantastic game).
  • Use your 12-inch voice when talking to the person next to you. No need to announce your vacation woes to the entire plane. I know you think the world revolves around you – but it actually doesn’t and most people don’t care.
  • Cover your mouth/nose when you cough/sneeze. I AM sorry that you don’t feel well, but passing your germs along to me isn’t going to help the situation. Gross, gross, gross.
  • If there is an older lady/gentleman or a new mom carrying a baby, help them put their bag in the overhead compartment. If this was your mother or grandmother, wouldn’t you want someone to help them?
  • When it is time to exit the plane, wait your turn. Unless you are sprinting to a connecting flight, you can wait your turn. I know it’s hard to believe, but everyone actually wants to get off the plane – not just you.
  • If the flight attendant is hitting on the person next to you, don’t keep interrupting the conversation. Just let them chat!

I think that’s it. Did I miss anything?


Light at the end of the tunnel? Or the beginning of the end?

I am very concerned and troubled after this week’s announcement of Washington State’s unemployment rate (7.1%) and the recent news regarding Microsoft layoffs (1,400 today and 5,000 over the next 18 months). It feels like the situation is spiraling out of control and I’m fearful that our state’s job market will not be able to absorb all of those people for a very long time. This impacts everyone; although some more directly than others. While I am optimistic about my job, I have friends who are out of work – trying to support children and keep their homes. My thoughts are with them. I wish I could do more.

I can’t help but wonder if we’ll look back on this time 20 years from now and be thankful that we were able to turn things around quickly; or if we’ll remember it as the beginning of a long, painful haul. I’m cautiously optimistic.


a fresh start.

I love goals. I love making them. I love striving for them. And I especially love accomplishing them. I think that’s why I always look forward to the month of January. It’s a fresh start and provides the opportunity to set new goals and better myself. Last year, I accomplished 4 out of 6 of my 2008 New Year’s Resolutions – which I’ll consider a success for the sake of being positive.  (On a side note: I think that my love for goals really stems back to my love of lists. Essentially, I’m just making a list that lasts for a year – checking items off when they are accomplished.)

This year, when I sat down to write my 2009 goals I couldn’t focus. I found myself writing my 5-10 year goals instead; I was thinking more long term. I’m not sure what that’s about, maybe I’m just getting old. Ew.  Regardless, I ended up listing both goal-sets, but I’m not quite prepared to share my 5-10 goals yet (I promise I eventually will). So, here it goes – below are my goals for 2009. I think it’s going to be a great year! Good luck with your own goals. Happy New Year!

–          Find a workout program that inspires me and that I can commit to.

–          Purchase my URL name.

–          Put $XXXX in my savings account this year. (Just for the record, I know what the amount is; I just don’t feel comfortable sharing).

–          Continue experimenting with new recipes – at least 2 per month. This goal may look familiar because it was one of my goals for 2008. I achieved it with flying colors and really enjoyed it – so I think I’m going to keep it in the mix.

–          Stop using the F-word. It’s trashy and I don’t need to be dropping the F-bomb.

–          Study for and take the GMAT.


Jimmy Buffett said it best.

Oooh, mexico
It sounds so sweet
With the sun sinkin low
The moons so bright
Likes to light up the night
Make everything alright.

Although I don’t have any photos (at this moment) to prove it, we had a wonderful vacation last week in Punta Mita! Mexico never fails to impress me. I love the weather. I love the food. I love the scenery. I love the people. I love the lifestyle.

This Punta Mita trip was a different experience for me because we traveled with friends. Derek and I usually travel just the two of us. I have never done the whole week-long-vacationing-with-other-couples thing before. It feels very grown up. It was a lot of fun to share Punta Mita with our friends. Although, I have to admit, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure that everyone was having a good time. I think it’s because we had traveled there before and we arranged all the details. I know it sounds ridiculous but I felt responsible for everyone’s vacation and while it was completely self-inflicted, it nonetheless nagged at me a little.

All in all, I think the trip was a huge success and everyone had a great time. I know I did. Honestly, some of the stories from this trip will last a lifetime – SO FUNNY. It’s so hard for me to get back into the swing of “normal life”. I felt silly wearing heels today -and was suffocated by all my clothes! I miss the sun and warmth. The swimsuits and sundresses. I miss the warm nights -being able to sit on the balcony late at night sipping on a drink and not being freezing. Sigh…it was a great vacation! Oh…Mexico!

Stay tuned for photos.



I’m headed off to a much needed vacation – I’ll try to blog a couple times while I’m there!



One of the great things about having a personal blog is that it serves as a fairly good record of your year. I have a feeling that if I continue my blog for another year, I’m about to find out how cyclical and boring my life is. I was just reviewing past posts, and found a few that will be repeating soon: New Years Goals, Punta Mita, and Blame it on the rain. I promise if I have repeats, I’ll try to make them different!


Spring cleaning – in the winter.

I’m not sure if it’s our small apartment closing in on me or the start of a new year, but I’ve had a serious urge to purge, clean and de-clutter everything. Last week, we decided we would not go to the grocery store – even though we really needed to. Instead, we ate our way through the cupboards and got creative with dinners for a week. A few of the dinners were a bust, and a few were surprisingly good. While it was hard to go without milk and fresh produced for a week, it was actually really fun! I highly recommend it and plan on doing twice a year.

In the same vein, I went through my closet yesterday and found three bags of clothes for goodwill. Tomorrow, I plan to go through all the condiments in the fridge.

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