a few gift ideas

This time of year, I thought everyone might need a few gift ideas for the people on their list. Here are a couple good ones. Happy Holidays!

  • Derek gave me a digital frame for my birthday. I absolutely love it. It’s in my office and I have received tons of compliments on it already.
  • I think a great gift idea for anyone is personalized stationary. Great for a man or a woman!
  • My coworker is making her girlfriends homemade infused vodka and I think it’s a great idea! Want a citrus flavored vodka? Add lemons or limes! Want a fruity vodka? Just add fresh cranberries! Want a spicy vodka for Bloody Marys? Add peppers and jalapenos! Or do all three for a sassy trifecta!
  • I think board games make great gifts! Everyone likes to have a good collection and it’s something you don’t usually think to buy yourself. Some of my personal favorites: scrabble, cranium, party playoff (I’ve only played it once), true colors, cribbage.
  • Magazine Subscriptions – This is one of my staple gifts. I can’t tell you how many magazine subscriptions I’ve given away in my life. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Make a fun, personalized gift basket (shout out to Kristina on this idea). You can make tons of different Gift Baskets ranging in price. Here are a couple of suggestions:
    • Games gift basket filled with cards, dice, poker chips, board games, etc.
    • Book gift basket filled with your favorite books
    • Cooking gift basket filled with utensils, spices, cookbooks, recipes, etc. Get creative and use a big mixing bowl or a strainer for the container.
    • Wine and Cheese gift basket filled with different wines, cheese, cheese knifes, cutting boards, cheese slicer, etc.
    • Date night basket filled with a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, movie tickets, restaurant gift card, condoms (just kidding – gotcha)!
  • Reusable shopping bags – they make some pretty cute ones now and it’s great for the environment. Double the fun!

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