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tuba man.

If you have ever been to a Seattle sporting event, you have probably walked by Tuba Man. The name pretty much says it all -he was a street musician who unfailingly played the tuba outside the stadiums.  He wore quirky hats and played a wide array of songs. He has been around as long as I can remember and I just found out that he is dead. Apparently he was badly beaten by a gang of teenagers in a robbery and later died from the inflicted head injuries.

I am completely shocked and deeply saddened by this act of violence. It is people like tuba man that make-up the unique and original culture of Seattle. Honestly, I’m not even sure what to say…

This is a sad loss for Seattle – rest in peace tuba man. Seattle will miss you.



a different kind of vote.

Per my previous post, my mom thinks I need to apologize to my landlord for busting into his home uninvited. What do you think? Cast your vote!


sake bombs and dots

It all started with a bottle of champagne and some funny China stories. We were all happy to be celebrating Friday, happy to be celebrating Halloween and all around just happy to be together and hanging out. After all, it had been more than 4 weeks since we’d all hung out; the 4 of us had a lot of catching up to do!

One bottle of champagne, one glass of wine, two flaming sake bombs, three martinis and two Sophia champagne cans later – we were lit up like Christmas trees. And the guys weren’t drinking. None of us were dressed up – and none of us had planned on dressing up. But when we got home from sushi, that’s not what S wanted to hear. As we walked up to my apartment, she couldn’t help but notice that my neighbor was having a Halloween party. The second we get in the apartment, S starts digging through my bins to find costumes for everyone. She is dead-set on going out in her witch costume (thrown together in about 2 minutes). Nonchalantly, I tell her that if she finds me 5 boxes of dots I’ll go to my neighbor’s party with her. Oh geez. The second the words are out of my mouth – I wish I could swallow them. I knew this was going to be bad. She quickly turns on her heel and marches out of the apartment. Less than 5 minutes later she storms back in and throws 6 boxes of dots at me. C’MON NOW – YOU PROMISED.

So, like any good friend, I squeeze into an old ladybug costume. And I mean squeeze! I looked like a woman clinging to her youth – stuffed into a costume that is only appropriate if you’re a size 0 and 15 years old. I looked ridiculous. I knew it at the time, but I was too drunk to care. We had a party to go to – and off we went.

You may be wondering, where did S get those dots? Well, she did what any drunk girl would do…she marched into the neighbor’s house…let herself in…found their candy bowl…got the dots…and ran out. You also may be wondering, Kindra, do you know your neighbors? Were you invited to this party? No, I was not invited. I have never been invited to any of his parties. I have never even been in his house. I also failed to tell you the most important detail – my neighbor is also my landlord. EEEEEKK!

We proceed to let ourselves into my landlord’s house. There aren’t very many people there- so two drunk girls are very noticeable (not to mention that we are the youngest people in the room…by far). We march around the house for a couple minutes like we own the place and then my landlord walks up to me and says, “uh…hey Kindra. This is a surprise.” NO CRAP. At this point things start to get very awkward. He’s obviously not drinking and we…well, we definitely are. In fact, he caught us at his bar. Oh geez!! How old are we?

I’m just going to pretend like this never happened. Ha!



Recently, I completed management training for work. I was expecting it to be pretty boring – but it actually turned out to be great! Part of the training included an SDI (strength deployment inventory) assessment. Based on a series of questions, you are assigned 2 colors that represent you and your motivational value system: one when things are going well; one when you are in conflict. Everyone is provided a triangle that visually represents where they are. Mine looked something like this (see below). The dot represents where I start when things are going well (red) – and the arrow represents where I go in conflict (red/green). There are positives and negatives for each color. Overall, the training was very well received by the group and I would definitely recommend it if you have the chance to do it. I learned a lot about myself.

Red – Assertive/Directing

Concern for Task Accomplishment, Concern for Organization of People, Time, Money and Any Other Resources to Achieve Desired Results

  • Competing for authority, responsibility and positions of leadership
  • Exercising persuasion
  • Being alert to opportunity
  • Claiming the right to earned rewards
  • Accepting challenges
  • Accepting risk-taking as necessary
    and desirable
  • Demonstrating competitiveness

Red/Green – Judicious/Competing

Concern for Intelligent Assertiveness, Justice, Leadership, Order, and Fairness in Competition

  • Providing rational leadership that can assess risks and opportunities
  • Being decisive and proactive when all the facts are in
  • Challenging opposition through thoughtful process and strategy

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