triple the fun.

Derek and I spent the weekend in Wenatchee with my family (dad, stepmom and the triplets). This weekend was the triplet’s eighth birthday party – I can’t believe they are eight!

I’ll never forget when they told us they were pregnant with triplets. I had just graduated from High School and I was getting ready to go to Mazatlan for my senior trip. Kristen and I were shocked; talk about a surprise! I knew they had been trying to get pregnant for awhile, not because they told us, but because I noticed in the laundry my dad switched from briefs to boxers. What I didn’t know was that they had already tried IVF (in vitro fertilization) two times and that they were ready to give up. It’s a horribly invasive and very expensive process. By the grace of god, they decided to try a third time…it turns out the third time really is the charm! The pregnancy was VERY difficult and my stepmom was in the hospital for most of it because she kept going into labor. We counted the days and weeks – hoping and praying the bugs would stay put and develop.

Fast-forward to November 18, 2000. I was a freshman at USD and I had been out partying all night. I stumbled up to my dorm room, and saw my roommate Liz had written the following message on our dry erase board, “Sydney, Nathan and Reid were born tonight! Call your dad. Congrats!” I was so excited!

They were 33 weeks when they were born and they each weighed about 3 lbs. You could hold them in one hand. On Christmas day, we finally brought the last baby home from the hospital. They are amazing – I am SO lucky to have them in my life.


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  1. November 17, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Oh Kindra! I can’t believe they are that old! Time flies! I remember going to stay at your dad’s after a Blink 182 concert with my sister and they were just wee little things! Post some pictures if you can, I’d love to see them. Tell your dad and Dana I say hi!!

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