Recently, I completed management training for work. I was expecting it to be pretty boring – but it actually turned out to be great! Part of the training included an SDI (strength deployment inventory) assessment. Based on a series of questions, you are assigned 2 colors that represent you and your motivational value system: one when things are going well; one when you are in conflict. Everyone is provided a triangle that visually represents where they are. Mine looked something like this (see below). The dot represents where I start when things are going well (red) – and the arrow represents where I go in conflict (red/green). There are positives and negatives for each color. Overall, the training was very well received by the group and I would definitely recommend it if you have the chance to do it. I learned a lot about myself.

Red – Assertive/Directing

Concern for Task Accomplishment, Concern for Organization of People, Time, Money and Any Other Resources to Achieve Desired Results

  • Competing for authority, responsibility and positions of leadership
  • Exercising persuasion
  • Being alert to opportunity
  • Claiming the right to earned rewards
  • Accepting challenges
  • Accepting risk-taking as necessary
    and desirable
  • Demonstrating competitiveness

Red/Green – Judicious/Competing

Concern for Intelligent Assertiveness, Justice, Leadership, Order, and Fairness in Competition

  • Providing rational leadership that can assess risks and opportunities
  • Being decisive and proactive when all the facts are in
  • Challenging opposition through thoughtful process and strategy

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