pet peeve

Simple grammatical errors frustrate me. Everyone should know the difference between to, too, two; their, they’re, there; your, you’re; but, butt, etc. I understand that mistakes happen, but seriously?

In case you can’t see through the raindrops on my windshield, the frame reads: When hell freezes over I’ll snowboard there to!

1 Response to “pet peeve”

  1. 1 Derek
    August 26, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    I saw a shirt today that said, “It’s better to have loved & lost then to spend the rest of my life with that psycho.”

    It’s the exact same as saying, “I when every race I compete in.” WHEN is not the same as WIN and THEN is not the same as THAN.

    It was ridiculous. However, looking back on it the grammatical error was the only funny part of the shirt. Imagine if that was written correctly – it would only be a horrible t-shirt.

    I snapped a pic, but don’t see a button for me to upload it here…oh well.

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