You have a beautifully regal neckline and your collar bone is stunning. -Carol

You are a great writer. -Marc

I think so highly of you and I would love to work with you again in the future. –Brenda


These are all compliments I’ve received in the past. I’m sure the people who paid me these compliments don’t even remember saying them. But I remember.

A couple months ago, I was getting ready with my sister. We were at my apartment putting on our makeup and we started talking about blush. She explained that she likes putting on blush because of a compliment I gave her. Apparently several years ago at my mom’s wedding, I told her, “You do a great job applying your blush – your cheeks always look great!”

I don’t remember paying my sister this compliment, but six years later she still does. It’s funny how a seemingly simple compliment can have such a positive impact. The praise becomes ingrained in us – a part of us. We are touched at the sincerity and flattered by the attention.

So, then next time your mom gets a stunning new haircut, or your coworker delivers an eloquent presentation, be sure to tell them. It will make their day and it may even stick with them for life.

1 Response to “compliments”

  1. 1 big mama
    March 6, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    I believe that we remember the extremes in life –
    the best and the worst. So it is true that we tend to
    pleasantly recall the compliments from others and also we
    tend to perseverate on the negative comments. I like
    your thoughts on this and the reminder to be
    careful what you say to others – do you want to be
    remembered as the person who said that horrible
    thing or the one who made another person’s day?

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